Topics To Talk On Whatsapp With A Woman

Technology has changed virtually every aspect of human life that you can think of.

Whatsapp is the miracle of the century for the shy because it allows you to exchange ideas with the girl you profess your affections without too much trouble …

If you find something that interests her, of course.

Some of the most common, and those that can work best to start, are:

Topics To Talk On Whatsapp With A Woman

1. Ask her how she is:

It’s simple, and that’s why it can work.

If she does not answer, she may be busy or may not want to talk to anyone, but if she does, it’s a good sign.

Once the ice is broken, you can continue with the following points on the list.

2. Her personal tastes:

Look for some detail that differentiates her from the rest of the females, and ask about that.

Tell her that made you curious to see (such a thing), since the rest of the girls do not have it, and ask her about it.

You can also ask her directly what she likes, find information about it, and tell her what you found.

3. Something simple that concerns both of you:

If both share spaces or activities, you can comment on an interesting event or an upcoming event.

By the way, ask her a related question: there are many more possibilities she answers if she is interested in the topic.

4. Something particular that you do not know and she does:

If it is an uncommon topic, the fact that someone else is interested, even in asking, is something that makes a girl more open, at least on the subject in question.

Once she has told you what she knows about the subject, you can look for more information on your own, and talk honestly with her, expressing your doubts about it.

5. Books and music:

Also worth comics, if you know that she likes it.

If you know that her favorite group is coming to the city or its vicinity, mentioning it can give you a flood of information about her.

It is valid also for her favorite books author.

It may trigger a flood of excitement for the subject in question.

6. The latest movie in the cinema:

More so if you know what she likes.

Many current movies are based on comics, books and other works, so you can ask her about their origin and comment on the successes and mistakes of the film.

7. Food:

Either something sweet that can be taken for dessert or something exotic from a country that she always wanted to visit, especially if you find attractive photos about the dish in question.

If you want to mention alcohol, do it carefully.

Not all girls like to drink.

8. Fashion:

If she likes the subject, she may be interested in that you have seen this or that garment or pageant, and what you thought about it.

I suggest you avoid negative comments; Ultimately, use ambiguous phrases.

Finally, there are some things you should keep in mind:

9. Leave her waiting for more:

Mention, a minute before leaving your phone aside, that time when you were in a place when something interesting happened, or when you met someone that she is interested in.

Or tell her you’re interested in learning more about something she’s passionate about and tell her you’d love to know more about it next time.

10. Do not use questions, but phrases:

A signal that a conversation is monotonous occurs when one person asks, the other responds, and that is all.

Instead of asking “Where did you see (such a thing)?”

You can say “I have noticed that (such thing) is not very common, and I have been told that you have seen it somewhere, I would like to know where” or similar.

11. Avoid certain topics:

Such as talking about your former partners, or speaking badly about any person in general.

It is also not advisable to bring certain controversial issues, at least until you know her better and know what she thinks about it.

12. Take care of your spelling and grammar:

Especially if she likes books.

Misspellings can frighten whoever loves the lyrics, and whoever likes to read an understandable text.

One or two typos are understood, five mistakes per message no longer.