Tips to use jokes to conquer a woman

An idea present in the teachings of all masters of seduction is that you have to make a woman laugh so that she can fall in love with you.

With laughter, she can relax and enjoy your company. If you can also move her, she will be attracted to you.

This does not mean you have to tell jokes to conquer a woman … But is it forbidden? No, there is only one thing that is forbidden in the art of seduction:
You are prohibited from acting as a clown.

If you try too hard to make a woman and her friends laugh, you may seem desperate to gain her attention. And remember that girls do not like men who seem needy.

If, when approaching a woman and her friends, you say a funny story or a joke, it should not look like the product of an effort. Rather, it must seem like something that comes naturally from you. You say jokes because you are playful and a person who is in a good mood.

Thanks to your way of being, you can make a woman feel relaxed and happy.

Like the shocking images, the jokes to conquer must be placed in a frame that helps you project yourself as an alpha man.

Tips to use jokes to conquer a woman

1. Assume the role of the funny arrogant.

Make jokes to the girls and make fun of them with banal themes.

The idea is that you produce their silly laugh without getting to offend them.

In this frame, you can tell some silly joke, like “If you’re looking for the ladies’ dresser, look no further, it’s me”.

After all, you’re being playful. However, if you use the joke to start the conversation you increase the possibility of being rejected.

2. Make up games.

You can tell some jokes if you frame it within a game.

For example, who can tell the worst jokes? Who knows the best macho (or feminist) jokes?

3. Avoid breaking sexual tension.

Laughter is a means to end the stress of a situation.

If during an evening the sexual tension begins to accumulate between a girl and you, do not make her laugh. Keep accumulating sexual tension.

What other ways do you think you could use jokes to conquer a woman?