Tips To Start A Conversation With A Woman On Messenger

Take note of these tips so you can start a conversation with a girl on Messenger without problems.




Tips To Start A Conversation With A Woman On Messanger

1. Avoid just greetings.

Don’t start what might be a pleasant conversation with, “Hi, how are you?” Or a: “Everything ok?”

Ask more direct questions that allow her to give longer answers. There are many interesting things you can talk about with a girl; you just have to choose a topic that is interesting to her. Something like:

– Hey! How was the party last night? Who did it all?

– That is a wonderful image.

2. Think of subtle ways to flatter her.

One of the best ways to start a conversation with a girl is to flatter her. Say good things to her that make her laugh or use witty phrases to make a difference in a conversation.

3. Pay her timely compliments.

Praise her for something at the right time. A photo of an event or something she has accomplished, are often perfect opportunities for you to make a direct, sincere, and enjoyable comment.

4. Take advantage of the information she shares to talk about things in common.

If you are at the same university, you can talk about a particular activity or trip that is being planned. If you have mutual friends, you can talk about them.

It may also be convenient to ask her for some kind of suggestion or some information about her favorite artist.