Tips to seduce her on the first date  

The first date is a key moment to determine a future relationship, not only because you like that woman, but because it really is the ideal opportunity to show yourself as you are, but with the added bonus of giving your best impression.

Seducing that person on the first date gives you the opportunity of a second, third, kiss, relationship, sex, etc … so it is the beginning of the journey, therefore, it is important to take into consideration some advice, according to psicologí, to leave her happy and with the desire to see you again:

Tips to seduce her on the first date

 1. Avoid on a first date invite to expensive, romantic or family dinners,

because if you do she will think that you go too fast and give the impression that you are needy or that you intend something more that night.

 2. Security.

Determination, ingenuity, and self-confidence are qualities that are highly valued by women.

In addition, a key is always to maintain eye contact, as it is a basic detail of seduction for women, according to Helen Fisher, an anthropologist at Rutgers University.

 3. Listen carefully.

Knowing how to listen to what they tell you on the first date is essential, because not only will it allow you to know her better, but you will also be able to notice those guidelines or signs that will indicate in which direction she wants to go.

One point is trying to mimic her speaking rhythm, which shows intelligence, kindness, and confidence, according to experts at the University of Maryland.

 4. Sensitivity.

When two people are attracted, they tend to use the same body language.

If she touches her shoulder or leg distractedly, do the same after a couple of minutes.

Consciously or unconsciously, she will look for signs that you will be patient and sensitive between the sheets, “says Fisher.

5. Do not talk about your ex.

It is a key point, not only you deprive her of weapons for future criticism or comparisons, but also, according to a study by Arizona State University, women actually think it presumptuous that a man tells them about other women, so avoid it.

At the end of the first date you do not mention anything for an upcoming meeting, just leave her with the intrigue, this will make her question whether it was okay or not at the meeting, that is, invest the papers, instead of you wondering if she will accept the second meeting, let her take the second step.