Tips to overcome shyness on the first date

A first date is an especially significant moment when two people want to give themselves the opportunity to get to know each other.

Here are some ideas for this first meeting:



5 Tips to overcome shyness on the first date

1. Choose a place where you feel comfortable:

It is very important that you specify a plan in an environment where you feel good, for example, a cafeteria that you have visited on previous occasions.

2. Ask questions:

It’s not about turning a first date into an interrogation. However, by using the question sparingly you can put the focus of attention on the other person.

When the other person focuses on the protagonist, you enjoy listening.

3. Conversation topics:

You can not anticipate the meeting before living it, however, you can plan some details.

For example, make a selection of conversation topics that you can introduce during this first meeting.

What are some of your favorite topics?

Choose some of them for this first meeting.

4. Show your shyness:

Why hide shyness when the important thing is that two people know each other as they are?

Live this first date trying to enjoy it, but do it from yourself and your inner truth, do not demand to be who you really are not.

5. Be patient:

When you know the other person better, if you want to keep having more dates with her, you feel more comfortable in her company, since trust is always fed from the experience of sharing moments in common.

That is, it relativizes your own shyness because any person who is in this moment experiences a certain sensation of discomfort when going out of his comfort zone. However, this feeling of uncertainty is also linked to the motivation of falling in love.