Tips to make a woman fall in love

Conquering a woman is not easy, although, a relationship is two, doing your part as much as possible will be crucial to carry forward a relationship.

Personal appearance is extremely important, although it is not everything.

Avoid going directly to the friend zone and open your eyes in front of these eight points, which will be of great help in this rugged but rewarding journey called LOVE.

Tips to make a woman fall in love

1. Listen.

Every woman will always have a sea of ​things and experiences waiting to be heard.

Be patient, give yourself the opportunity to know her like this, even without interruptions when speaking – sometimes silences express greater empathy than words.
Think and express sincere words, just the necessary ones, be sure she will appreciate it.

2. Touch her.

Since we’re small we need physical contact to maintain a correct temperature and, of course, to feel loved. Over time, that interpersonal contact is lost by an infinity of circumstances.

Go back to the origin and hold her tightly when you see her and when you say goodbye, according to psychology, that makes us feel more secure.

3. Have fun.

Try to make the first date very fun, exciting!

Going skating is a good start, but if you really want adrenaline, the rides will be the best option.

Not only will it be a good memory, you will unconsciously be associated with a feeling of well-being and energy that will make her happy when she sees you or think of you.

4. Know.

A good life partner does not remain satisfied with the “what” and strives to know the “why”.

For Example, it is not enough to know her obvious predilection for pot coffee, it is necessary to know that she loves it because it reminds her of her grandmother.
These little flashbacks are also part of the foundation of a relationship.

4. Keep distance.

Basic rule: if she does not ask you, keep a distance from her previous relationships.

For something she is no longer with another guy, that happened before you, take into account that they can still talk or maintain a friendship;

Obviously, if you notice certain behaviors, speak quietly and put the cards on the table.

Obvious, if in spite of everything you come to distrust, it will be an ideal moment to say goodbye.

5. Look at her.

Eye contact is important, the eyes are the door of the soul, let her see sincerity and tenderness at the same time, while you see the same in her. Only that.

6. Accept.

Each person is a whole: laughter, tears, manias, mood swings, responsibilities, family, work.

Something crucial is learning to deal with it, knowing that if she does not answer your message or call it is for a reason.

Accept and let her know what is inside you, show yourself as you are.

It must be mutual, there are things that can not be changed, take it into account.