Tips To Make A Woman Chase You

Although it is true, it only applies a few times. The truth is, women enjoy pursuing men as much as the opposite scenario.

But How To Make A Woman Look For You Or Chase You?

There are some tips you can take to increase your success and have rows of girls at the door of your house.

Tips To Make A Woman Chase You

1. Be distant, not cold …

This should always be rule number one, and it is always the one that men do not know how to do.

In their attempt to appear distant, they become unreachable, cold, or toxic.

The goal is not to look like you do not want to be talked to. It seems like you’re not even thinking about that.

It should seem that you are not worried about your appearance, or that others will talk to you, but do it casually. With sympathy, trust, and tolerance.

Think how someone like that would act and imitate it. Simply put: you must be the nice guy, not the idiot.

2. Become known …

It may seem that the correct way is to be the unknown and mysterious type in a corner. It may work in movies, but real-life women do not like solitaires.

But, someone who seems known by all the attendees of the party or the bar, who speaks comfortably with groups of people?

Women want to meet him. He is affectionate, interesting and encouraging.

Try to be constant in a bar or club and make friends with employees. They will give you some extra benefits, which will always appeal to your environment.

If you are at a party, circulate among the guests and talk to everyone. Become the one everyone knows, and strive to socialize all night.

Talking constantly with people will show the girls how accessible and friendly you are, and at the same time, you will awaken their curiosity about you.

In addition, you will meet all the girls at the party. Statistically, that increases your opportunities.

3. Highlight the rest …

You do not want to look like John, Peter, and Josef.

Although that does not mean you should draw too much attention (no excesses), you want to excel.

This method of attracting attention is called ‘pretender’, and it has several very different levels.

In a slight but perceptible way, Try to dress a little better than the others.

Make sure you fix yourself well and highlight special features.

Use your qualities Add perhaps an unusual element that makes them remember you, like choosing a red shirt instead of a white one.

4. Always try to be nice …

This has to do with being the one everyone knows.

You must go to social events not only to talk but to get along with them. Have a couple of anecdotes to share.

Laugh at the jokes and be flattering without exaggeration (telling someone that she has a nice smile is nice, telling her that she looks sexy is uncomfortable).

Ask yourself if you like the type you are. If the answer is ‘no’, change your technique.

Be confident and social without being obnoxious. Be flirtatious and charming without being slobbering. It may take practice to get it right, but the more you try it the better it will come out.