Tips To Make A Shy Girl Fall In Love

Being shy does not mean not being passionate or wild. It is simply a sense of insecurity or shame felt by a man or a woman in unfamiliar social settings.

And although shyness is often an initial impediment in a relationship – both for the shy and for their potential partner – it is a condition that implies, in most cases, valuable moral standards.

A courtship with a shy person has every chance of being rich and satisfying.

Let me explain why I tell you this.

I had a very shy but passionate, romantic and loving girlfriend. It was a satisfying relationship for both of us. When we broke up after 8 months because she had to leave the city, she wrote me a text that I quote next:

“Darío, look for a shy woman. Besides loving you, she will never abandon you because she will be too shy to be with someone new. ”

We already know that shyness, both in men and women, will be an impediment in the seduction process and to fully enjoy a social life.

Despite this, introverted girls are generally less demanding than others and, when they overcome their shyness, it is to spend an unforgettable moment with them. Of course, for that to happen it takes time and patience.

Being impatient is not bad for many things, but to go out with a shy girl, yes it is.

That’s why I invite you to really think if you want to fall in love with a girl with these characteristics because you could get bored.

How to recognize a shy girl?

Their body language is sensitive and when something bothers or upsets them, it shows.

Her face will spontaneously blush when speaking to her. Her hands will sweat when interacting with others in any social circle, especially when she is with strangers.
Also, she will be distant and with little visual contact with others.

All are signs that will indicate that you are with a shy girl, but for that reason, you will not be a “Don Juan” and you will launch her the whole repertoire of seduction.

Remember that she needs time to feel comfortable with you. You should not spoil it by behaving like a lion after its prey.

Approach her without violating her comfort zone and privacy, with a conciliatory and friendly tone of voice. The idea is that you also make her laugh as many times as you can. Laughter is the key to success.

Tips To Make A Shy Girl Fall In Love

 1. Have confidence and be harmless.

The timid ones are up to 100 times more sensitive than the extroverted girls because of their insecurities regarding their place in society.

Many topics, especially those of romantic relationships, current affairs, and sexuality, will make her feel very uncomfortable in public and private places.

2. More than a friend, be a confidant.

Be the closest to her without being her boyfriend yet, but not a simple friend either.

You must make the bonds of trust stronger and stronger so that she opens up and trusts you.

Help yourself with subtle questions to identify in which situations she feels most comfortable.

Inquire about her tastes: if she is a fan of art, sports, outdoor spaces or, on the contrary, if she likes movies or just stays at home to watch a series or read.

All this information will be useful.

During the meeting avoid being noisy in front of other people or in public. The typical self-destructive tendency that spoils all the effort and time of the conquest.

Once she has confidence and opens herself, take advantage and mark the moment. Pretend to be a psychologist and listen to her carefully. Just interrupt for brief questions. The doors will be opening and you will not want to disturb.

The relationship with your shy girl is just beginning. It will be complicated, demand effort from both parties, understanding, and patience, but satisfactory when it has been consolidated. Do not skip any step and give it time.

3. What you must remember is that she will never stop being introverted.

She could have characteristics that surprise you, but she will not stop being shy. Be careful to forget it, because an error will make you lose many points and her confidence; if it is lost it is difficult to recover.

Learn to differentiate between an introverted girl (due to social, family or psychological problems) of a shy girl. They are different cases.

Be kind, friendly, attentive, funny, caring, loving, but not a father to her; not an annoyance that wants to be by her side always. Your place is in the middle of both ends.

4.- Always be a gentleman.

Timid women lose interest when they are seduced by drinks or parties where alcohol is the protagonist.

Be a gentleman in all aspects. Seduce her with the intellect, telling her about how the world works, your ideas of life, the things you would like to change and how you would do it. In this case, the wallet will not kill the beau.

Do not be direct in the first, second or even third meeting. Yet, Do not tell her face to face yet that you like her, rather let your actions speak for you. Saying it at the first outing may be unwelcome for her and counterproductive to you.

Do not talk about dating yet. Be her friend until she gives the signs that the relationship has risen. It will happen without telling you literally. Be patient and, while that happens, enjoy all the moments by her side.

Do not pressure her or reproach her for shyness. If she does not speak at the meeting, it does not matter; It’s not because she does not want to, maybe she still does not know what to say.

Remember, laughter is our key to success in conquering any girl, timid or not. You do not have to be a comedian, just know how to use the words and situations of the day to make her laugh.

Share with her moments of laughter, because they are the ones that stay more in the memory for the good feelings they provoke.

Go to the cinema to see a comedy, buy a bunch of flowers but do not give it to her in public. Send it to her home. Instead of the typical little note, leave a good and short joke on the card.

You already know how to act. Let’s go for it!