Tips To Maintain An Erection

If your problem is because you can not maintain an erection during sexual intercourse and this is bringing you problems on a psychological level and even with your partner, there are always things you can do to control it and successfully end your sexual relationships.

Some tips that will help you maintain an erection and combat erectile dysfunction are:

Tips To Maintain An Erection

1. Reduce stress in your daily life.

It is proven that men who are under constant stress, either because they have economic problems, overwork or any other type of problem that generates constant worries and therefore their stress levels are always high, are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

So if this is your case, it is necessary that you start to make a change and modify certain daily routines that keep you stressed all the time.

2. Sleep well.

When you are not sleeping properly, that is, sleeping less than 6 hours a day, causes testosterone levels to decrease and therefore the libido and the ability to have an erection decreases. So it is advisable to have adequate sleep and give the importance it deserves to rest.

3. Decrease alcohol consumption.

Remember that alcohol is a depressive substance, so when you consume large amounts of alcohol, this will cause you to experience difficulties in maintaining an erection.

4. Do physical exercise.

When we exercise, we release certain chemicals in our brain such as endorphins, which help us improve our mood and therefore experience sex more pleasantly.

5. Decrease tobacco consumption.

It is proven that smoking regularly increases the chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction. This occurs because its consumption damages the lining of the blood vessels making it difficult for the correct circulation of blood and therefore to the muscle mass of the penis.