Tips To Look Like An Elegant And Modern Man

There are many myths about men’s fashion. Some think that to look good a man needs to have a lot of time and be aware of trends or review the latest fashion shows and magazines for men.

On the other hand, there are those who think that whatever is put on – especially if it is a suit, shirt, and tie – a man will always look good and does not need to worry about combining colors, designs or textures. This can lead to correct attire, but very boring or even outdated.

Can we end these myths? Of course! Today the masculine image is very important, not only personally but also professionally, which is why a man does not have to complicate his life to look elegant and up-to-date on any occasion. It’s all a matter of following these six tips.

Tips To Look Like An Elegant And Modern Man

1. The size is the key

To look well, a first rule is to make sure that all the garments are of the correct size and that they fit you perfectly. Many men often wear clothes that are bigger than they should be, so avoid falling into that mistake.

This is especially important for blazers, jackets, and suits. A visit to the tailor for the respective arrangements will make each piece fit you comfortably, without being too tight. Change of image instantly!

2. Nothing more elegant than a simple look

We know that you want to impress and look good, and to achieve it, the best way will always be to focus on good basic clothes combined with an accessory -or maximum two- that is striking.

In this way, you will achieve a balance that will give you a manly and sophisticated style. A good watch, a leather briefcase and an excellent pair of shoes, also leather, are essential elements in the closet of the man who wants to look current.

3. Do not underestimate the details

Remember that the last thing you wear is usually the first thing others notice, so after dressing, always take an extra minute to fine-tune the details.

To look very well, take a look at the knot of your tie, choose the socks you are going to use. Also, do not forget that instead of that informal backpack that already deserves a break, a briefcase or a leather backpack will make a difference and raise your style.

4. Invest in quality shoes

A nice outfit can be ruined if you wear the wrong shoes. Footwear is one of the elements that define you the most because it transmits your taste and personal style but also speaks of the care you put on your look.

That is why the best thing for an excellent image is to invest in quality leather shoes, which will always look good and, with the right care, will last you a long time.

Essential in the male wardrobe is a pair of leather dressing shoes, as well as a pair of urban shoes, which are essential to look great on different occasions.

Also, even if you do not believe it, shoes are one of the things that women most notice when they look at a man.

5. Break the monotony and experiment

To have a good image, you have to break the monotony and dare to experiment. Maybe during the week your work forces you to dress formally and there is not much space to try more creative ideas, so choose to make changes in your weekend outfits.

The key to looking always modern is to encourage yourself to try and incorporate new pieces in your wardrobe. For example, shorts in a color out of the ordinary, a practical leather backpack to carry your personal items and free your pockets, or a pair of urban shoes with a lot of personality.

We assure you that with these accessories you will distinguish yourself for your style!

6. Basic and classic pieces of the male wardrobe

There are basic pieces that should be the essence of your wardrobe and cannot be missing if you want to look good and current.

Beyond the latest trends, it is essential that in your closet there is: a good blazer, an impeccable white shirt, a leather strap, a thin wallet and some jeans that are perfect for you.

With these essential components in your closet, you can build different outfits.

Keep these tips in mind and you will notice that always looking good, maintaining your style and image, is not complicated at all.