Tips to leave the friend zone

There is nothing worse than being considered a friend by the person you like. But do not worry there is always a way how to recover the path to love from her.

That’s why there are tips to get out of the friend zone and as a good alpha male to conquer her completely.

If you are one of those who thinks you can not leave the friend zone you are wrong or you made the wrong decision.

If you want your friend to see you as a man who can make her happy and so far what you have done has not worked, it is time to change. You can not keep doing the same and expect different results.

You must make a radical change in your strategy so that it can work. Especially for that friend to start asking what happened. There begins your plan.

We are going to leave you several tips to leave the friend zone, but in the end, it all depends on you.

Tips to leave the friend zone

1. Does she know what you feel?

Let’s start at the beginning.

You as a good alpha male were clear and you told her what you feel for her. If the answer is no, how do you want her to leave the friend zone, there is no way.

You must be clear and tell her that she represents something else.

Invite her to dinner, but not as friends, make your intentions clear at once. That way she will not see you in the same way.

Of course, once you make your intentions clear you have to bring up all your weapons of seduction.

This way she will see you as a man and not as that friend to whom she tells her things or even worse her tears handkerchief.

2. Apply reverse psychology.

To get out of the friend zone you must apply reverse psychology. If you ask how it is, it is very easy.

The first thing is that you must stay away from her. Do not show yourself as a person who will always be available.

Start dating other people, do not start a chat conversation yourself all the time, but let her look for you.

Even if she invites you to see her tell her that you already have plans that better another day and there you are the one that will decide, place, date, time and other things.

When she sees that you start dating other people, that woman will react and she will realize that if she does not act she will lose you.

3. Stay busy.

If it is very complicated for you to meet new people or make plans with others. Then make yourself busy.

An alpha male always has something to do. Say you have work or college occupations. Plans with your family, watching a movie on television or reading a book and you can not go to see her every time she wants to.

It also works not to respond instantly when she writes or call you.

Giving that feeling that you have a life that does not revolve around her will makes her react.

You will see that she will begin to look for you much more often and even able to get you a surprise visit to your home.