Tips to know if a woman likes you by WhatsApp

With the rise of new technologies, we often think that a woman is interested in us when in reality it is not like that or vice versa.

To be able to decipher this it is necessary to take into account that all human communication is based on verbal and non-verbal language.

Tips to know if a woman likes you by WhatsApp.

Tips to know if a woman likes you by WhatsApp.

Regarding nonverbal (body) language we have referred to before.

But what happens when you try to approach a woman by WhatsApp?

Tips to know if a woman likes you by WhatsApp

1. She uses emoticons when she writes to you.

When you try to approach digitally, it is important to know that we have limited the non-verbal language.

However, emoticons can help us distinguish when a woman likes you by WhatsApp and when not.

If she does not use emoticons, she’s probably not interested in you.

If, on the other hand, she uses many (and these are nice) then it is very likely that it is about love.

2. Observe the time she sends you messages.

If she sends you a message very early (or as soon as she wakes up) it is likely that you are the first thought that crosses her mind.

3. She does not cut the conversation.

There comes a time when a girl cuts the conversation by WhatsApp.

This is because, generally, she has other things to do.

But if she continues to respond no matter what time it is while you are writing to her, she probably likes you.

4. She asks you about your life and about things that she knows about you.

You can ask how your mom or grandmother is, etc.

5. Use exclamation signs.

It is not the same to write “Hello” to write “Helloooo !!!”

Once you have detected some of these signs you can find yourself in the situation of inviting her to have a drink or to go for a walk.

If she accepts quickly then you can be almost sure that she likes you.

If, on the other hand, she looks for excuses again and again, then she may still like you a bit but she is not seriously interested in you.
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