Tips to Improve Your Interpretation of Body Language

Have you talked to girls and they reject you from one moment to the next without knowing why?

Most likely, they gave you some sign that they did not feel comfortable and you were not intuitive enough to notice.

If this is your case, you have to improve your interpretation of body language.

By knowing the meaning of gestures we can know in an efficient way what other people think and feel.

Read the gestures of a girl and you will know if you said something that is breaking the magic or if, on the contrary, she is attracted to you.

Next, we offer you these tips to improve your interpretation of body language:

Tips to Improve Your Interpretation of Body Language

1. Observe, observe, observe.

If you want to learn about body language to flirt with women, pay attention to gestures from everybody.

In any situation observe the gestures of others, how they react to things and investigate what these gestures respond to.

You will become better the more you exercise this ability.

2. Read the most honest body parts.

According to non-verbal communication expert Joe Navarro, the most honest body parts are the feet and legs, followed by the trunk and arms, and lastly the face.
Observe the direction in which the torso and the feet of the girls point when they speak, as they point to where they direct their interest.

When talking to a woman, if her torso and some of her feet point outward, better be brief; if they point at you, they are listening attentively.

3. Observe the distance.

In your interpretation of body language, take distance into consideration.

Human beings show their interest in another person approaching and their rejection by physically moving away.

Look at how far a person usually speaks from the others, and what happens when someone walks away or invades someone else’s personal space.

To approach a woman when you talk to her, casually touch her on the shoulder or arm during the conversation, like when you’re talking about a subject you’re passionate about with a friend.

The idea of this casual contact is that she gets used to you touching her without waking her rejection.

Above all, avoid getting close enough to invade her personal space.