Tips to flirt with a woman

Do you lose your head for the new girl in the office? Do you have trouble concentrating when she is close?

And, then, what are you waiting for to conquer her?

On paper, everything seems very simple, but it is not.

Well, for some people it’s easy, but for others … it’s almost an impossible mission.

If you do not know how to start to communicate with women who attract you, we encourage you to follow these tips if you want love to succeed.

We can not guarantee 100% success, but you can maximize your chances if you put them into practice.

How long does it take for a man to send his first amorous text message?

And that girl makes you so nervous that it costs you to say three words in a row, right?

Well quite, because that has happened to all of us. In fact, according to a survey conducted by the portal to learn about new romances,, men took fourteen and a half minutes to create their first love message.

The anxiety to look good, the insecurity or the excitement of the moment, make us spend hours looking for the right words so that everything goes well.

Men can be very proud, but when a girl gets in our hearts …

Flirt for WhatsApp … better than Facebook.

Times have changed and strategies to flirt too.

In fact, it is usual to conquer that person we want passionately through Facebook or WhatsApp, and both tools become perfect allies to get to have something more than a friendship with the person, because they allow us to talk with the other person at any time and, in addition, they are ideal for shy people.

But which of these two tools is better?

According to an investigation carried out by The App Date, when it comes to flirting, Spaniards prefer WhatsApp by 98.5%. The figure speaks for itself.

The best apps to flirt.

In addition to WhatsApp, there are many applications that are used to flirt. What’s more, there are apps which the main objective is to find a partner.

The chances of flirting have increased a lot in the last decade as a result of new technologies because the appearance of smartphones revolutionized digital flirting.

Now it is possible to be connected to these types of applications 24 hours a day, and also to meet potential candidates near you.

Tips for flirting

We go there with the best tips, tricks, and strategies to capture the attention of that special person.

Tips to flirt with a woman

1. Make sure she is available.

Better to make sure before if she has a partner or not because that type of girl will only give you problems.

Also, why are you going to complicate your life while there are so many interesting women who can make you a place in their life?

2. Start a conversation.

To meet a girl, do not force the situation.

To find the right time to start a conversation and show that you are a nice guy.

Whether in the hallway or in class, the idea is that you start with a contextual question because that way you will have her attention.

3. Look for common interests.

One of the keys to staying there talking to you is to look for those interests in common that surely you have.

It is not about making her see that you like the same thing, but that when you talk about something, let it be from the heart.

It is likely that there are things that you both like, hobbies that you can share from now on.

4. Smile and look into the eyes.

There is nothing more seductive than looking into the eyes and smiling because it gives confidence and is a sign of attention.

The visual contact makes it clear that you are an honest person and the smile is contagious.

If you transmit a good emotional state, the person in front of you will notice and will want to know you more.

5. Break the barrier and touch her.

Touching a girl too fast is a barrier that many do not dare to go through. But this line is possible to cross it, always with respect.

A caress with the intention of anything else or just a touch of complicity may be enough to earn the trust of the other person.

Now, if you go very fast and very direct, you can give a bad image.