Tips to flirt with a woman that work

It may be that to many people, “flirt” sounds like something exclusive to the female sex, but let me tell you that it is not like that, you’ll see that no man will want to miss some tips to flirt a woman.

Although there are women who become experts in flirting since high school, men seem not to understand it at all, there are even those who fail to understand it in all their lives.

But I have good news for you, even if you are not a person who is given this in a natural way, you can do it with the proper guidance and practice.

So here are 7 tips to flirt a woman:

Tips to flirt with a woman that work

1. Be strategic.

By this, I do not mean that you plan a series of complex steps to kidnap her and force her to go out with you.

When I talk about tips to flirt a woman, I mean discrete things that women know how to detect very well.

The only thing you have to do is locate the girl and locate yourself in a strategic place that allows you to get to make eye contact in a discreet, comfortable and casual way.

Imagine how disturbing it could be for her to surprise you by turning her head 180º. Now we go for the two tips to flirt with a woman that everyone knows but few apply well:

2. Visual contact.

Whenever you talk about tips to flirt with a woman, you will talk about the visual contact, because that is where you start.

Since you have your respective front row seat, the next thing is to get eye contact. Here are two important points to take into account:

Duration: Make sure you keep eye contact enough, between two and three seconds could work.

If the contact is too short it could go unnoticed and if you do not get a visual connection with her at the first opportunities, she could easily lose interest and forget that you are there.

Intent: Make sure your eyes do not make her believe that she owes you money. Accompany your eyes with a nice or soft gesture, or she might think you want to kick her ass.

3. Smile.

This is one of the tips for flirting with a woman that may make you think: “tell me something I do not know”, I know everyone knows it but even so, there are those who can not deal with grief and never smile.

One option to use it is to laugh with your friends and turn to see her as if you were dedicating her the moment.

4. Have fun and follow the flow.

There is nothing that keeps women more away than being in a bar with your friends, without speaking, with the face of perverts watching them and wishing you could talk to one of them.

So make sure that whatever you’re doing, you’re having a good time.

Being comfortable and fun will put you in a favorable mood for the connection, plus you will look more social, pleasant and attractive. If for some reason the first attempt you make fails, simply go and talk to someone else.

5. Take care of what your body says.

Ask for help to your body.

Handle the tone of your voice to be more serious and resonant, speak slower but more cadenced and make sure you walk upright, do not cross your arms and adopt poses of power to project security.

Someone told me once:

“There are no tips to flirt with a woman that work”.

The problem was that despite following the advice, he failed to reflect security in his body language and that made the girls realize that he was just pretending.

6. Play with her.

When talking to her, instead of abusing compliments, play with her.

Have her want to slap you and kiss you at the same time.

How? Being arrogant and fun.

You can start a conversation like this:

“I’m glad I found you, to be honest, my friends’ talk about their girlfriends and how much they love them already made me pretty bored and I needed a bit of bachelor conversation”

Maybe you have not noticed but discreetly you have told her that you think she is single, in this way she will ask herself:

“Why do you think I’m single?

Don’t you find me attractive to have a boyfriend?

“The point is to show her your interest but pretend that it is she who has an interest in you.