Tips To Flirt On Facebook

As we explained in a previous post, almost all social networks can be used to connect with other people.

Nowadays it is common to have a Facebook profile because it is very useful to establish and maintain relationships.

But how can you flirt on Facebook?

The fundamental thing is that your profile should show that you are a fun, interesting and confident man. Then, just make some adjustments to your profile so you can be more interesting in the eyes of women.

Recently, the seduction teacher Mehow published a report in English with tips for flirting on Facebook.

Here are some tips based on this report.

Tips To Flirt On Facebook

1. Choose your profile photograph well.

It is recommended to put a photo and cut it to show your face, but letting her see the hair of a girl who appeared next to you in the photograph.

However, it could also work a photograph of you taken on a trip, in which you are relaxed and having a good time.

2. Disable your relationship indicator.

Do not say you’re single, because that would make it easier for the girls to know why you’re contacting them.

Also, if she asked you, that could become a topic of conversation. If you want to leave it, choose “A free relationship”, but never select “It’s complicated” because that would send a negative message to women.

3. Watch your wall posts:

Your posts should be interesting and fun. These will attract more comments from your friends and, on the other hand, you will let the women see that you are a nice person.

4. Upload interesting photos and videos:

Show photographs or videos of you relaxed, on a trip, practicing a hobby or doing something that you are passionate about.

Likewise, this will help you to look nice and fun.

5. Send a message or touch before chatting.

To flirt with Facebook effectively, check her profile first and send her a message about something that caught your attention.

This way you can start a conversation and it will be easier to chat with her later.

6. If you do not have it, get yourself a life.

In order to upload interesting photos or videos, you must have something interesting to publish.

Travel, learn to dance salsa or play an instrument, go out with your friends and, above all, have fun.

For the alpha man, himself is the most important reason to do these things, not women.