Tips To Flirt Chatting

Flirting on the web could be divided into two stages: the first, flirt chatting with a woman on a contact page; the second, chatting through MSN to organize a meeting.

In order for you to reach the second stage, you must have created enough interest and confidence for her to agree to give you some of her contact information.

Also, getting the MSN is easier than her number, because with the MSN she can chat with you again, without facing the risk of you being a slob.

So, how do you flirt chat and have the girl give you her MSN?

The following tips are based on the recommendations of Arcángel, master of seduction in Madrid:

Tips To Flirt Chatting

1. Always take care of your profile.

We will never insist too much on this point. Your profile is what offers the first impression on others.

For the contact pages, Arcángel advises placing a photo of your face nothing more.

If you go with dark glasses better, it gives some mystery to your image because girls have to imagine what your eyes look like.

2. Choose 10 profiles that interest you.

Arcángel recommends choosing 10 girls that you like and sending them a message.

Most likely, of those 10, several do not respond.

And of those who chat with you, some leave the conversation because she is busy or simply does not show herself receptive, so in the end, you may end up chatting with only one or two women.

3. Be normal and circumstantial.

To be able to flirt chatting, you should not look like a flirt like the other guys but a normal and interesting man.

Instead of greeting saying “Hello beautiful, how are you?”, As most men would, differ with a more circumstantial greeting, such as “Happy sunny Tuesday”.

4. Ignore the “I have a boyfriend”.

Remember that when a girl tells you that she has a boyfriend she is testing you.

Do not come down, because if she has a boyfriend, what does she do on a page to flirt?

Do not make the mistake of talking bad about the “boyfriend” either.

5. Do not connect your webcam.

For Arcángel a woman is testing you if she asks you to connect your webcam and you fail if you agree.

On the other hand, it may also be that the girl likes cybersex, so you can never stay with her for sure.

In that case, leave the conversation.

6. Do not ask for her MSN.

Arcángel advises to never ask directly for her MSN.

If during the conversation you were normal and fun, it is very likely that she will offer it to you.

But if the conversation gets too long, tell her that you are at work, that you must disconnect and that you could chat through the MSN at another time for her to give it to you.

You could also give her your MSN to say goodbye, it is likely that she adds you.