Tips to discover if a woman likes you

On many occasions, we hesitate to take the first step with a woman, because we are afraid that she does not like us.

That is why it is very important to discover if a woman likes you or not before deciding to confess it.

In this entry, we offer five basic tips to know if a woman likes you or not.

Tips to discover if a woman likes you

1. Body language.

Body language is very important to take into account when it comes to knowing if she’s interested in yourself or not.

If she looks at you openly and steadily when she sees you, it can be a symptom of interest, just as if she looks at you with her arms and legs open, it will mean that she is unconsciously opening up to you.

If he does just the opposite, it is possible that she has not really noticed you and does not feel completely comfortable with you.

Another symptom of interest is that when you cross your eyes with hers she stares into your eyes for a few seconds and then looks away.

That means that she wants to look at you, but it gives her a certain shame if you realize it.

2. Good conversations.

Another way to know if a girl likes you or not is when you talk to her.

First of all, if she pays attention to what you tell her and tries to interact so that you can continue to tell her things, it means she has a great interest in you.

In the same way, if when you talk to her and you make small jokes she laughs, it can be a great indicator that she likes you.

When you do not attract a girl she does not usually laugh at the things you say nor is she usually interested in what you tell her in general.

3. Shows interest in you.

If she is interested in you and tries to help maybe she might like you.

A girl who does not like you is not going to ask you about how things are going or will be interested when you need some help or when you have problems.

If she is interested in your life and your problems more than any other girl does, it will be because that girl likes you and that is why she wants to help you in any way she can.

4. Her friends have heard of you.

Talking to her friends about you can be a good way to know if she likes you because if your friends know about your existence it is because she has spoken with them about you.

Having a little conversation with her friends you can get much more information than you can imagine, which will be very important to see the relevance she gives you in her social influence group.

A boy who does not attract her or cares for, she will not name him in her group of friends.

5. She fixes herself to see you.

Another important thing to keep in mind is if when she knows that she’s going to see you or knows that you are going to be somewhere, arranges herself more than necessary.

If she normally dresses in a way, but when she knows that she will coincide with you, she fixes herself more than usual, she may want to attract your attention, wants you to look at her and therefore this will be a very important indicator that she is interested in you.

In the same way, if she tries to go to the same places as you, it will also be a very accurate indication that she is interested in yourself.