Tips to conquer by chat

If you registered in a contact site and some girl was interested in your profile, you have to learn to conquer by chat.

These tips are very basic and more or less apply also to attract girls in the real world.

Tips to conquer by chat

1. Do not listen to her if she tells you she has a boyfriend.

Women often test men to see if they are people with character.

The “I have a boyfriend” is one of the most common tests, so if the girl you are chatting with has a boyfriend, do not listen to her or speak ill of him.

Do not forget that if she signed up for a contact page, it means that she is not completely satisfied with her current relationship – if there is such a boyfriend.

2. Do not ask for her phone, her MSN or Skype.

Your goal is not to have more contact information about her but to go out with her, so do not ask for her phone number or email.

Seek to arrange a meeting with her, but if this is not possible without forcing the bar, say goodbye telling her that you could chat on MSN or Skype another time for her to give them to you.

If she does not give you her data, give her your MSN so she can add you to her contacts.

Try to arrange a meeting with her in the first 2 or 3 chat sessions.

3. Do not tell her compliments.

To conquer a woman by chat, do not tell her the same things that other sluggers tell her.

Nothing to say hello saying “Hi sweety, how are you doing?” Or “Hello beautiful, how are you?”.

Talk to her like a normal person – “Hello, how are you?”. Even, it is better if your greeting is more circumstantial and with more personality.

For example, if it is very cold outside, you can say “Happy and cold Monday. How’s your hot chocolate? “