Tips to conquer a woman

When we start dating a woman that attracts us, we want to make things as good as possible, here I leave you 5 tips to fully conquer her:

Tips to conquer a woman

1.- Patience.

Seducing a woman can be a test of patience, since she may reject you or say no sometimes.

Remember that she could have had complicated experiences and probably would like to go slowly.

2.- Tenderness.

Women like rough men, but to be tender with them.

When you are together, do not hesitate to prove it.

3.- Make her smile.

Women love men who make them laugh and entertain them.

Remember that fun is the best tool in the game of seduction.

4.- Plan and take a chance.

Women love a presentable man, do not leave anything to chance.

Pay attention to your clothes and choose according to your tastes the places you would like to invite her to go out.

Remember that you must be sincere in everything, women notice when you are not.

5.- The details never fail.

The secret to the right details is in deciding for balance.

That is, you must show her with details that she is special to you, but that you are not trying to buy her interest either.