Tips to conquer a girl by Instant Messager

The Internet has become a tool for daily communication and schools have emerged to attract and seduce women by this means.

Of the tools available to attract a woman, the Instant Messager is one of the most important.

To conquer by Instant Messager you need to have had a previous contact with the girl you like, and she must have enough confidence with you to give you her Instant Messager.

If you have an attractive profile on Facebook or on a social network, you already have a lot of progress. The woman will have a certain interest in you and your purpose in chatting with her should be not to reveal the mystery of who you are. This is fundamental.

You must stimulate her curiosity so that she accepts to meet you somewhere.

Tips to conquer a girl by Instant Messager

1. Be natural.

Relax, be polite and show your good humor.

Keep an interesting conversation and that moves her so that she wants to arrange a meeting with you.

Do not try to impress her or she’ll think you’re a freak. Show that you are a normal person, with whom she can talk and have fun. Be playful.

2. Take care of the subject of the conversation.

Do not talk about disgusting or strange topics. Do not tell her any phrase to conquer, do not make any sexual advances or complain about women-unless it’s obvious that you’re kidding.

If you met her through a contact site, you can take advantage to talk about relationships in general and in particular what you expect to find in a woman. This will show you as a selective man.

3. Make a date soon.

According to the Spanish guru Arcángel, you must get a date with the girl at the most on the third chat conversation.

Otherwise, you will become a chat friend or even her tear cloth but not her boyfriend.

Do not ask for her phone and then call and arrange a meeting. Go directly for the date, but do it with delicacy once you perceive that she has had a good time chatting with you. Not before.