Tips to capture the gestures of female body language

When a woman is interested in a man, she flirts with him but sometimes he does not correspond.

Isn’t he attracted to the girl?

Probably yes, but maybe he has not understood any of her signs of interest.

In her eyes, she made all the gestures and body language of attraction necessary to get the boy’s attention, but he did not respond.

How can you correspond to the girl if you do not understand when she is flirting with you?

We provide you with three tips so that you can improve your interpretation of girls’ body language and know how to understand their signs of interest.

Tips to capture the gestures of female body language

1. Strive to understand how women think.

For girls, the gestures and body language of attraction are so obvious that they do not understand how men do not grasp it.

Remember that they also have a more developed part of the brain than men and that allows them to be more intuitive and more communicative.

Accept that part of your relationship with them is the fact that you will not always know what is going through her head.

2. Pay attention to the details.

Girls are very detailed.

So much that they do not understand how men do not pay attention to details.

For a woman, it is obvious that she is interested in you if she smiles at you and looks at you quickly a couple of times.

And if that happens to you, you may be missing an opportunity to have a relationship by not paying her enough attention.

If you find it difficult to know if a girl is interested in you, do not pay attention to a single sign but to several gestures of the body language of attraction that are presented successively.

3. Pay attention to pre-invitations.

Women are so subtle that if you tell someone that you are going to leave the city on the weekend and she wants to go with you, she will never tell you “I want to go with you”, but she will say something like “Oh, and I’m going to be home so bored watching TV … ”

With this comment, she tells you that she is available and would like to go with you, but if you want that to happen you have to make your move.

This subtlety has a purpose: the woman indicates her interest but without exposing herself to being rejected.