Tips To Captivate A Woman On The First Date

Sometimes men believe that women are from another planet since we consider them complicated. However, it is not. Actually, it happens that, in order to impress, most guys act in the role of gallant that we learned by watching movies and we make mistakes that close the doors with the female sex.


“Today’s woman is tired of the guy who only talks about his belongings or how much he is going to the gym to impress. What she is looking for is a natural man, with concerns and desires to be better as a person and professional”.

Therefore, when you get a first date, pay attention to these 6 tips that will put you one step forward to get a second one.

Tips To Captivate A Woman On The First Date

1. Do not go with a learned script.

The first big mistake is to think that by applying strategies you will succeed. This leads us to be very aware of oneself (how do I look, what do I say, where do I look, be funny, etc.) we do not set in motion the true key to the enjoyment and success of a pleasant date: listen to the other person.

2. Choose a good place to talk.

Consequently, with what has been said before, I always recommend looking for places where you can talk, that there is good background music, but not so loud, and convey peace. If the date is in the afternoon, a cafe works just fine, and if it is at night, a good bar.

3. Don’t talk about your ex.

Leave your fears, stormy relationships and pains in the trunk. Talking about what you like and what your goals or dreams are is perfect.

4. She can also pay the bill.

We are part of an independent generation and I think we should not contribute to machismo with things like the man always pays, that bothers many women.

5. You are not handsome by what you wear.

In other words, the appeal is not made by branded clothing, expensive watches, or gold bracelets. The important thing is not to pretend to be what you’re not. Feel handsome with yourself and the other person will see you handsome.

6. A kiss on the first date?

Watch her and feel the energy of the moment. If it flows, go ahead, but do not force things. Trust your instincts.