Tips To Become A Women Conqueror

Men are used to following certain behavioral parameters to win over a girl, whether it’s starting to talk to her, asking for the phone number, starting to follow her on Facebook, and other actions.

The essential thing, in this case, would be to have a good mood, enjoy the moment, feel passion and be positive.

Tips To Become A Women Conqueror

1- Speak.

Men generally prefer women to speak, but it is wrong. A vital point for a seducer is to speak, but do not talk too much about yourself.

2- Be romantic.

Flowers, dinners, music, songs, cell phone messages, all these details can help. Tip: Verify first that she likes this kind of thing.

3- Smile.

Body language is elementary, a smile is capable of breaking the ice and opening the door with any lady. Being fun is an attractive thing that is hard to ignore.

4- Make her feel like a queen.

She must know that she is your priority, listening to her will make her feel important and you will conquer her. For a woman it is important to be accepted as she is, show that you like her like that.

5- Keep freedom.

Women need security, but no pressure. Make her feel your presence whenever you can, but without abusing. When you have the opportunity to help her or taking care of her, do not hesitate.