Tips To Be A Little More Handsome

Like women, men increasingly care about their skin, their hair and their body, and they do not necessarily have to be effeminate or crazy about body worship, they just want to look good.

I will give you some little tips to get your girl at least to see you a little more handsome and more concerned about yourself, every day.

Tips To Be A Little More Handsome

1. Daily hydration.

It is advisable to use a moisturizer for the face, at least once a day, so your face will be softer and she will want to kiss you.

For the body, you should apply some cream after the shower, when you are dry, but if it seems very annoying or you have the sensation of staying sticky, use shower oil.

2. Eye care.

The first place where the signs of fatigue are visible is in the eyes. Darkening of the area, cracking or creating horrible bags.

It is not enough with the moisturizer since the anti-darker creams are specially created to take care of this area of ​​the face, whose skin is finer and more sensitive than the rest of the body.

Other tips, sleep a minimum of 7 hours a day, stop smoking and use sunglasses.

3. Wash your face correctly.

This does not mean to throw water on your face or using the same soap you wash your body with. In this way, you are just obstructing the pores of the skin.

You should use a specialized soap for the face, daily. And on the day of shaving, you should use a specific scrub. In Kiehls there is a specialized product range for men.

4. Be careful with your eyebrows!

This issue is somewhat tricky since I am not in favor of men shaving their eyebrows, but I am not of the opinion that if they come from the factory with a frown, that’s the way it stays.

All in perspective. I suggest going to a beautician and putting yourself in their hands.

5. Perfect hair.

This is only achieved by having a trusted hairdresser.

Someone you trust and you can tell them what you want and let yourself be advised by them, since he is who knows, depending on your head structure and hair type, what will be best for you.

6. Take care of hands and feet.

And I do not mean to cut your nails and wash your hands every day. Men, like women, have cuticles.

You should go to an esthetician at least once in life, thank you.

7. Wear glasses.

For women a man with glasses is terribly sexy, whether they are for your sight or sun, it does not matter.

Women love the intellectual aspect. Each face has a shape, therefore, not all glasses can fit well, look for the right one, even if you have to try the whole store.

8. Nice smell.

It all starts with a good shower, continues with a nice deodorant and ends with a perfume that is not heavy.

The right place to put the perfume is behind the ears and on the wrists. THE FACE IS NOT THE PLACE.

9. Be well dressed.

Each person has their own style, their way of putting on shoes and a preferred accessory, so there is no strict rule when it comes to dressing.

What we ask, is that your clothes look clean, without wrinkles, with a good smell, since women are aware of those things.

10. Have a good pose.

That is, you must walk upright, walk as straight as possible and show confidence in each step you take.

Conclusion: look like the least furry of primates.

11. Have manners.

Having manners has nothing to do with opening the door to the girl when entering a bar or inviting her to dinner, which is also not prohibited.

I mean, there is nothing that seems more irresistible to a woman of a man, that he knows how to listen, has a fluid and interesting conversation and also makes her laugh.

By following these 11 tips, I do not assure you will find the perfect woman, who by the way, I do not know if she even exists but at least, the girl you choose, will be delighted with you.