Tips on How to Keep a Conversation with a Woman

You might already know that it is not the same to start a conversation than to keep the woman engaged in your interaction … they are two totally different things.

When you enter, when you start the conversation, your only focus is to get the woman’s attention. And for many, the hardest part is how to keep that woman’s attention to us.

That’s why I decided to make 10 seduction tips, all related so you can learn how to keep a conversation alive with a woman you are with:

Tips on How to Keep a Conversation with a Woman

1. Speak with good energy:

The vast majority of men often get nervous at such levels that they even stutter, or speak in a low or high pitch.

Your focus here is to energize that girl, encourage her, not depress her.

2. Never try to dominate the conversation:

If this has happened to you, do not do it with a woman, it is better that you look carefully to see if she has something to say, analyze to see if she is bored or if she wants to leave.

Let her talk the most, show interest and ask personal questions … Keep an open conversation.

3. Ask open questions:

Open-ended questions are undoubtedly the best.

I’ll give you an example: “Really?”, “How did it feel to do that?”

In this way, she will give you more information to continue the conversation.

Taking out her emotions!

4. Talk about something she likes:

If you do not know what anyone’s favorite subject is, then I’ll tell you, it’s talking about herself.

So, if you only focus on talking about yourself, and the things you like, then the conversation will not be effective.

What you have to do is talk about her first, and only when she is ready will she ask you questions.

Until then do not talk about yourself!

5. Make her show you things:

If the conversation between you and her has taken a turn towards a topic you do not know, do not pretend that you know about it.

Take this as positive, and have her teach you, let her explain. Ask her questions, have her explain things, show you, etc.

This is a great secret of seduction, since at that moment many men project their weaknesses, and you, with what I told you, will project humility.

6. Be an interesting guy:

You knew that the more you talk about her, the more interesting the conversation will be, talk about her fantasies and never forget to mix it with humor and coquetry.

7. Use your body language:

Learn to use your body language to encourage her to keep talking.

There are many men who feel very far away from women when they are interacting.

So if you are really enjoying talking to her, do not be afraid … get close, and that will show you that you are very interested in what she is saying. (this applies when you are away from her).

8. Enjoy it:

Beware of this, if you would agree to everything with her almost always, it’s a problem.

So you can prevent her, change your opinions and values to contradict her.

Do not be afraid of the fact of not agreeing with her on something, just do it the right way you do not have to get to the argument, it’s just your point of view.

9. Challenge her:

With this, you will demonstrate unconsciously that you have guts.

An example could be, if a woman where you are, is drunk and is acting inappropriately for that place, you say: “I hate when a woman goes out of her way for drinking so much alcohol … do you really like to drink alcohol?”

Look how she reacts, and do not fear, as there is nothing wrong in showing your true you.

10. Take action:

This is the tenth … everything I told you here is just theory, about how to maintain an effective conversation with a woman, it will depend on you to come out and apply it, the more you practice, the easier it will be for you …

This is the way success happens, learn, learn, practice, practice, persevere!