Tips on how to conquer a woman

When a man seeks advice to conquer a girl, he is usually interested in some phrase or compliment to get her attention. Or some detail that allows you to express your feelings.

However, women do not care so much about compliments or gifts.

What really interests them is a man who has character.

For this reason, the best tips for conquering women are about how to improve your personality.

We present you then 3 Tips on how to conquer a woman.

Tips on how to conquer a woman

1. Show your good mood.

This is one of the best tips on how to conquer a woman.

For girls, an attractive man is cheerful and can make them have fun. Obviously, this does not mean that you have to become a kind of clown or “funny guy”.

It is more about being playful and having a jovial attitude so that the girls relax and can have a nice time in your company.

2. Have enthusiasm.

You can not look attractive to women if you do not project energy.

It is not that if the girl is in a calm state, you find yourself hyperactive because that may seem like a sign of anxiety.

Ideally is that your level of energy and enthusiasm is slightly higher than hers so you can inject your good spirits and make her feel cheerful and relaxed.

On the other hand, if you approach a girl when you’re down, you can look like you’re desperate for her attention.

3. Show confidence in yourself.

This is one of the tips on how to conquer the most classic women and, for many men, the most difficult to swallow.

If you are an insecure person, women will realize your insecurity. If you talk to a girl and she’s interested in you, fine.

But if everything went wrong, say goodbye politely and move on, those failures are also part of life.

The important thing is that you do not talk to a woman because you want to get her number, but talk to her because it’s fun.

Enjoy the moment and that’s it.

Self-confidence makes girls feel safe and comfortable in your company.