Tips for Having an Alpha Man’s Body Language

An alpha man radiates masculinity and attractiveness to women because of his self-confidence and naturalness.

According to the non-verbal communication expert Jesús Rojas, the contemporary alpha man is a mixture of strength, maturity, joviality, and initiative to communicate.

In order to attract women successfully, it is necessary to act like an alpha man.

But how to obtain the same qualities that distinguish alpha men? You will do it through the body language of an alpha man.

As psychologist Paul Ekman discovered, gestures are not only expressions of a feeling, but gestures also produce feelings. For this reason, nonverbal communication experts point out that if you want to know what another person feels, imitate their gestures.

Therefore, if you want to feel like an alpha man, imitate the gestures and tone of voice of one of them. This will not work out for you the first time. But with persistence, these gestures will begin to be part of you, although at first, they will seem foreign.

We present the following tips to imitate the body language of an alpha man:

Tips for Having an Alpha Man’s Body Language

1. Move slower and relaxed.

Alpha men are in control of the situation.

And if that is true, why would you have to move quickly, as if you were nervous?

Also, give a more spacious and majestic air to your movements.

2. Lean back slightly.

Leaning forward during a conversation is a sign of interest and that you consider important your interlocutor.

However, to be alpha, rather lean back slightly and, when you say something interesting, lean slightly forward. The key is in the slightly.

Remember that since you are an alpha man – that is, a man who can choose who will enjoy his company – others must earn his interest.

Do not give it away so easily.

3. Your voice should come from the diaphragm.

Place your hand on your chest and start speaking with the voice a little more serious, until you feel your diaphragm vibrate.

That is the voice you should use. Singers and actors use this technique to add expressiveness and a seductive touch to their voice.

What other gestures of an alpha man do you think it would be worth to imitate?