Tips For Going Out With A Girl

Mommy, do we go dancing?

And that’s how it ended all probability that you would go out with a girl.

These “compliments” subtract more than they add. I’m honest, they even bother more than flatter the girl you’re interested in.

To be honest with you, I have used one or another phrase, but usually, I do not use it to get a girl’s number or to go out with her for the first time.

I have used them when we are already in a relationship or when the confidence level is higher.

Not that I am a specialist in women, but I think I can give you some advice to go out with a girl.

Tips For Going Out With A Girl

1. Confidence.

If you do not have confidence, better do not invite her to go out.

I do not know if women smell fear or what exactly, but if you think she is very pretty or smart for you, that was it.

Body language is everything. If you look at the floor while you talk to her it is unlikely that she will agree to go out with you.

Look her in the eye when you speak to her and do not bend over.

Have confidence in yourself, what is the worst that could happen? That she tells you no?

If she says no, nothing happens, she will miss the opportunity to meet you and someone else may be around the corner.

2. Be yourself.

There are some white lies, for example, if you know that the girl loves dogs to die, it is okay to tell her that you like them too, but do not lie to her if you are allergic to dogs or if you hate animals, eventually when you meet her pets she is going to realize it and the dog will end up replacing you.

Part of my advice to go out with a girl is that you do not talk about what you do not know or lie about it.

If she says “I love 100 Years Of Lonely”, it’s the best book I’ve read” but you only know that Gabriel García Márquez wrote it (I hope you at least knew that) then do not answer that book is in your top 10.

3. Good presence is important.

Whenever you’re going out with a girl, ask yourself, am I well dressed?

If the answer is I’m fine or I’m always well dressed, do me the favor of going to change yourself.

Women do care about how you are dressed, it tells them a lot about you.

If you’re wearing your crocs/sandals with socks please stop reading this, there’s nothing I can do for you.

If you are using your soccer shoes, what do you hope to achieve?

Get dressed, the first impression comes through the eyes. Do not forget to shave, bathe, comb and cut your nails.

4. Common things.

Nobody likes being in unknown territory and going out with a new girl is like going to war.

You have to prepare yourself. Do you have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

Go to review what she likes. Eye, I’m not telling you to harass her, they are totally different things and the last thing is punishable by law.

Discover what music she likes, what movies, if she practices a sport, places where she has gone on a trip, etc.

When you talk to her, subtly add what you have in common with her or that you find interesting.

5. What are you good at?

Do you know how to speak Chinese?

First place in the university? Are you a general manager of a multinational?

We all have something that makes us different and draws attention.

Use that in your favor (without sounding presumptuous).

You have to think about the war again. If that girl is extraordinary, do not doubt that there are other guys trying to conquer her heart, you have to “attack” with the best you have from the beginning so she says “this guy is interesting”.