Tips For Dealing With A Jealous Girlfriend

Nobody said that being in a couple was going to be easy. And if someone said it, he lied shamelessly.

If you are in a relationship, and it turns out that your girlfriend is, or has become, jealous, it can be complicated to carry on the relationship. And to deal with it, here are some tips.

Tips For Dealing With A Jealous Girlfriend

1. Ask her what happens to her.

One of the fundamental pillars of a couple is sincere communication. Ask her what’s wrong, and listen to her.

Even if you do not understand everything I tell you, women like to talk and to be listened to.

You may discover what the problem is, where her jealousy comes from, and then you will have a clue on how to move forward on the subject.

Do not push her to speak, but tell her that you want to understand her better, and that is why you need to communicate with sincerity.

2. Do not give them your passwords.

A jealous woman will not be less jealous of you because you give her your passwords. Your social media accounts, or your cell phone, are yours. She has no right to demand that you give her your passwords.

Not giving them to her does not mean you do not love her, and it is not an irrefutable proof that you are with someone else.

3. Increase your self-esteem.

Sometimes, a few well-chosen words can make a jealous girlfriend feel appreciated. Do not flatter her too much, just tell her something pretty every day.

A jealous person is an insecure person.

Attack the root of the problem and see if the situation improves.

4. Do not fall into “jealousy = love”.

“If she is jealous of you she loves you” is a wrong phrase. There have been thousands of people killed by their jealous partners.

While the vast majority of victims are women, there have also been men who have been injured, maimed or killed.

A jealous person is an insecure person, who wants everything under their control because they think they will have security.

5. If you go to an event with friends, include her.

When you are at a party, introduce your girlfriend to your friends.

Tell them about some achievement that she has obtained, and recognize her as your girlfriend.

In this way, the possible reasons why she is jealous will diminish, and it will make her feel that you care about her.

6. Be patient.

Maybe the real problem is buried under layers of time, denial and other problems that were added over the years.

If you want to continue with her, ask her to express what she feels and you will have a clearer idea of why she is jealous, if this is the case with all the couples she had, or if it is only with you.

7. Do not let yourself be trampled.

You do not have to give your exact location (with evidence) at all times, or respond immediately to her messages, or give your passwords as “proof of love.”

Tell her with education and firmness. Tell her that you have the right to your privacy and that it hurts you if she does not trust your word.

Listen and ask to be heard, in an educated and firm way.

8. Avoid comparing her with other women.

Maybe her jealousy is due to something temporary, to a situation she is going through (or that happened recently), or something that has her worried.

Whatever the reason, avoid comparing her to other women, especially if they are people with an army of stylists behind them, or who have won a Nobel Prize, or something in between.

9. Remember that you should not give “proofs” of your current location.

“Where are you?, And with whom?. Seriously?

Let’s see, send me a picture and location.

“She does not trust your words, and she wants you to show her evidence that you are telling the truth”.

This is what someone does who does not see a couple as a person, but as an object to possess, an object that is coveted by beasts that will jump on said property as soon as possible.

10. Evaluate if it’s worth it to have her as a girlfriend.

Situations of violence are not foreign to couples, neither today nor yesterday.

This does not mean that you should tolerate threats, beatings, blackmail, insults or the like.

If your girlfriend is jealous to the point of telling you that you talk too much to your mother, or that your eight-year-old cousin looks at you too much, or forbids you to work or socialize with women, stop it!

This is how a couple should not be treated, this is how an object is treated.

If that relationship makes you miserable, it is not healthy to continue in it.