This is the kind of man a woman wants according to her age

In social networks, a message is being shared that tries to decipher what a woman really wants from a man at a certain age.

Several digital media have taken into account the message that is being shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter, and from which we can take as a reference some general ideas to reach a consensus.

In this way, a woman does not want the same at fifteen, at twenty, at twenty-five, or at fifty or sixty.

This is because as the years progress, women are defining better what they want for their own lives, in addition to analyzing priorities and understanding the messages of the experiences lived in previous years.

So at fifteen, a woman wants a nice boy, at twenty years old, a gallant and amusing man, at twenty-five she wants an intelligent man by her side, at thirty, one who has economic solvency.

At forty, a man that is passionate, at forty-five that is sensitive and affectionate, at fifty that is the companion that will accompany her for the rest of his life, and at sixty years that is healthy to share a life together.

Therefore, those would be the ideal men that women would like to a determined age. As we can see, as the years pass the ideal man is taking the form of a stable companion with which to stay to share the whole life.

Here we share the text, which to some extent, has taken as a reference, the important needs of women at a certain age of their lives, so many girls have felt identified.

And you, do you think that’s what a woman wants?

What do you think?

This is the kind of man a woman wants according to her age

1. What does a woman want from a man at 15:

-Have a car
-That he cares for her.


2. What does a woman want from a man at 20:

-Charming and polite.
-Financially successful.
-Sweet and understanding.
-To dress with style
-Who appreciates the best things in life.
-Full of surprises.
-Who is an imaginative and romantic lover.


3. What does a woman want from a man at 30:

-That looks decent, preferably with hair.
-To open the car door for her, and hold the chair so she can sit down.
-That he has enough money for a nice dinner.
-That laughs at her jokes.
-To carry the bags of vegetables.
-Have at least one suit.
-Who appreciates a good homemade meal.
-Who remembers birthdays and anniversaries.
-Who wants to make love at least once a week.
-Careful with his personal hygiene.


4. What does a woman want from a man at age 40:

-Not too ugly.
-Permanent job.
-Take her to dinner occasionally.
-Who says yes with his head when she speaks.
-Who remembers the end of the jokes.
-Who has enough health to move the furniture.
-Who wears a shirt that covers his belly.
-Who remembers to lower the toilet lid.
-Who shaves most weekends.


5. What does a woman want from a man at 55:

-That the hairs of the ear and the nose are cut.
-Do not belch or scratch in public.
-That at least have a little cash saved.
-Do not repeat the same joke too many times.
-At least get out of bed on weekends.
-Who wears stockings of the same pair and clean underwear.
-Who appreciates a bought good meal.
-Remember the names of the people.
-That he shaves from time to time.



6. What does a woman want from a man at 65:

-That does not frighten children
-That is not very expensive to support.
-That does not snore very loud.
-That he remembers why he laughs.
-That he is in good health so that he can stand up for himself.
-Who wears some clothes.
-That he recognizes her.


7. What does a woman want from a man at age 75:

-Who breath.
-Who pees inside the toilet.