Things Your Girlfriend Wants You To Do More Frequently

Discovering what makes her happy is not difficult …

Your girlfriend could love you madly and things could be fine as they are, but many times she will want a little more from you. She may not always be able to say it, but try to calculate what she wants and try to give it to her. A little effort is all you need.

See what things your girlfriend wants you to do more frequently.

Things Your Girlfriend Wants You To Do More Frequently

1. Tell her how amazing she is.

No matter how much you love and appreciate your girlfriend, your love needs to be expressed (and not just in words). Do all the things you can imagine to show your girlfriend how amazing she is, say compliments and show her how much she means to you.

2. Tell her about your day.

When a woman loves you, she wants to be part of your life in every way. She wants you to share everything with her: your hopes, dreams, insecurities, and discomforts. She wants you to seek her advice and above all, she wants the opportunity to love and take care of you.

3. Surprise her in bed.

Do you always do the same movements? It’s time to change the technique! Give your girl the best of yourself in sex … you will not regret it.

4. Hold her by the back.

A surprise hug from nowhere is always pleasant. It makes her feel loved and safe.

5. Call her before going to sleep.

A call before bedtime is always affectionate. Calling her right before bed makes sure she goes to bed thinking about you.

6. Surprise her.

Everyone loves surprises. If your relationship has become monotonous and predictable, give it a spin with some surprises.

7. Let her wear your shirts.

Women love to put on their boyfriend’s clothes. It makes them feel loved, warm and safe. Give her your favorite shirt, so she feels closer to you.

8. Tell her she is beautiful.

While other adjectives are also welcome, from time to time tell her how beautiful she is. You will earn points.

9. Whisper in her ear.

It is exciting, passionate and also sweet and affectionate at the same time. What other gesture can be so many things at once?

10. Put your jacket around her when it’s cold.

This is a gesture that drives most girls crazy. Showing that you care more for her comfort than yours is a way to make your girlfriend die of love.

11. Be thoughtful.

You do not need a special occasion to do this. Buy a box of your girlfriend’s favorite chocolates, give her a flower or give her a lipstick. Even if you buy the wrong color, she won’t mind.

12. Ask her about her day and listen to her.

Just like the girls want you to tell them how your day was, they want to be asked about theirs too. Just don’t make gestures when she starts describing a boring meeting.

Your girlfriend loves you and once you’ve discovered those little things your girl wants, it shouldn’t be hard to keep her happy.