Things you think women love you to do but they really hate

Women are complex, interesting and unpredictable, so knowing what exactly they like and what they do not like is even more difficult than you thought.

Sometimes, you can carry out actions with good intention that in the end turn out to have a negative effect on your partner.

Things you think women love you to do but they really hate

Things you think women love you to do but they really hate

You may wonder what you did wrong, and the truth is that there will never be an accurate answer.

For now, we share five things that maybe you think your girlfriend or wife loves you to do, but actually detests:

Things you think women love you to do but they really hate

1. You surprise her in the shower.

For you, it may sound very sensual to surprise her in the shower to have a hot encounter.

However, she will only feel uncomfortable if you do not tell her before.

You see, during their time of having their personal hygiene taken care of, women often carry out very intimate processes such as depilating their legs, getting treatments and other things that may bother them you to interrupt.

Therefore, it is best to ask her before she starts if you can accompany her or initiate kisses and caresses before the shower to enter together into the tub.

2. That you say to her “you choose”.

A great attention is to ask your partner where she would like to eat, however, if she asks you to give her options or that you decide, try to help her a little.

For the female sex, it is very annoying that their partner does not give their opinion and let the decision fall entirely on them.

They will probably end up eating in a different place than the one you proposed, but you will save your girl’s bad mood if you propose at least a couple of options.

3. You wake her in the middle of the night for sex.

Another erotic activity that for you can be very seductive but they detest.

Being deeply asleep and being awakened to perform an act that requires a lot of movement and physical activity is something that in general she will not appreciate.

Better wait in the morning when she is a little more awake and apply the “morning sex”, she will like that even more than seeing her sleep interrupted.

4. Being too close to her female friends.

All women like that their boyfriend gets along with their friends, however, when the relationship exceeds the limits of trust, your girlfriend probably will not love the situation.

Do not reach a point of intimacy in which you are hugging, flattering or talking with her female friends constantly because this will not look good at all.

5. That you try to solve her problems.

When a woman tells you her problems, she usually does so in relief mode and not to receive a solution from you.

If she tells you that she had a problem at work or in her personal life and gives him options such as “call them”, “talk to them” or other advice, she will probably be enraged.

Better listen to her, tell her that you understand her, that you support her and that you love her.