Things You Shouldn’t Tell A Woman According To Psychology

When a woman loves, she can endure any kind of pain in order to keep love alive. In that romantic eagerness, they accept negative treatment by men, forgetting that this feeling must be sincere, innocent and warm.

Knowing this phenomenon, psychologist John Gottman conducted an investigation and discovered that although women appear to be sure to respect themselves and give themselves their place with their partners, there are comments that seem not to be harmful, but in reality, they are like a low blow.

Instead of hurting women with empty words, which only reflect total envy for their person, all men should be grateful that women are the most sensitive, empathic and supportive beings in the world. Having them as a couple is like a blessing from heaven because we have long been condemned to err due to the selfishness and savagery found in our nature.

We seem to forget that we owe them more than we believe. Without them, we would remain lost and make serious mistakes, so it is time to give them their deserved place and praise them.

Where to start? Stop saying these simple phrases that are usually said within relationships and that destroy rather than unite.

Things You Shouldn’t Tell A Woman According To Psychology

1. What happens now?

We men are sometimes clueless and unconscious beings of many things that happen in the relationship. That is why we sometimes think to ask “what happens now?” as a quick recognition of the terrain.

These words make women very uncomfortable because it is obvious that they know exactly what is happening. Saying them conveys impatience and a lack of connection with the couple. Instead of taking it as something positive, it creates a feeling of despair.

2. You used to have a beautiful body.

Although it seems totally stupid, there are times when we might say this death sentence. Psychological research made it clear that women never feel comfortable with their bodies despite being fully fit.

The application of a rigorous scientific method is not needed to corroborate that commenting on the physical aspect of women is an insult. In fact, such criticism could affect anyone, of course also men.

3. Do it your way, you always do it.

This phrase has a background of dominance and oppression. Very much like Nietzsche, the person says it to exalt his will and control the other.

Men generally express it with a touch of hate in order to hurt the woman, making her believe that her actions are bad and yet he must accept them. It is clear that they feel extremely uncomfortable by criticizing and condemning their expressions. We hope this sentence disappears from the vocabulary of all males.

4. Why are you so needy?

An investigation is not necessary to know that these words are a complete insult and really irritate the people who receive the message. The only thing worth rescuing from Dr. John Gottman is that we are all in need and the relationships are like a prewritten contract that alludes to meet the need of the other in a habitual and committed way.

This phrase should be changed to “what do you need?” or “what do you feel?”, showing a feeling of empathy and support.

The results of John Gottman’s research are things that seem obvious, but sometimes it is necessary to say that they are supported by a psychological study so they’re taken seriously.