Things You Shouldn’t Do To A Woman

Women do not reason just like men, this is not a secret and that is why they are the eternal misunderstood.

Have disputes arisen in random conversations without you seeing it coming?

Sure you have committed some of these mistakes:

 Things You Shouldn’t Do To A Woman

1. Being affectionate when she is very stressed and/or tired:

Your girl had a very difficult day, tired and breathless, she approaches to take some water and you jump over her giving her kisses without letting her breathe.

If your girl is draining the rage, she may end up paying it with you. This gesture can be very nice at the right time but you must first identify the level of anger present.

2. Contemplating another woman in front of her:

The one that has eyes that see, but number 1. It is very unpleasant that they do not pay attention to you while you talk and 2. It is much worse if the motive of distraction is another woman.

3. Say that she looks physically bad:

Women tend to be very sensitive to their appearance, then comments like “You’re fatter”, “You look ugly with that hairstyle” or “That dress is ridiculous” can be hurtful at a certain point.

Attacking just at the weak point is very dishonest.

4. Mess it up in social networks:

Unfortunately for men, social networks can be their worst enemies.

From “leaving it in blue” on WhatsApp (in read) to not giving Likes to her photos or commenting on other women’s pictures can unleash a terrible (and annoying) argument.

5. Tell her that your friends don’t like her:

There are cases where unfortunately your friends don’t like your girlfriend and vice versa. This situation is very uncomfortable and in some relationships, it is even the cause of separation.

Obvious that you can not force things (although you can try to soften them) but never let out of your mouth expressions like “That’s why my friends don’t like you” or “My friends are right to say you’re a bitch!”

6. Leaving her hanging and/or changing plans at the last minute:

Unless there is a real motive, it is horrible to have your plans changed.

Everyone’s time is important and if you had already made plans, even if it is watching a movie together, she will surely want to kill you when a few hours later you tell her you are going to have dinner with your friends. Not cool, man!.

7. Not telling her a compliment when she prepares something nice and different:

She spent hours cooking something special and you do not give her any thanks or she invested extra time in getting ready a little more to see you and you do not even notice.

This type of things is added to the little black notebooks that women have as small/big disappointments.

8. Asking her “Do you have your period, right?” In the middle of an argument:

It is irritating and if by chance they are really in their days, it is as if they gave her a superkick.

9. Not asking what her day was like.

Women love to talk about almost anything and to pay attention to them is very nice, a “Good morning” in the mornings, an “I love you” in the afternoon and finally a “How was your day?” Can mark the difference.

10. Say “I left you money on the table for the taxi, close the door when leaving” after having sex.