Things You Should not Do To Conquer A Woman

Many men make mistakes usually when it comes to conquering a woman.

It is not difficult to do it (make mistakes), because of nerves, insecurity, and fear play tricks when you want to attract the attention of that girl and make her fall in love.

Things You Should not Do To Conquer A Woman

Things You Should not Do To Conquer A Woman

But, calm down, here we tell you what you should not do and what you should.

Things You Should not Do To Conquer A Woman

1. Say “I love you” at the wrong time and too soon.

It is one thing to let her know your interest and quite another to tell her that you are crazy about her and that you “love her”.

That she has to trust you because you are perfect and that she must understand it.

No, this is totally wrong.

If you’re in love with her, it’s the worst thing you can do. Do not insist too much, leave the doubt, that she is not completely sure of you or what you feel.

By feeling intrigued, you will awaken her interest.

2. Looking afflicted.

Who likes to have someone like that next to them, all the time?

People are looking for others to make their lives happy, women want to be taken out of their routine, to bring new things to their lives.

A desperate and lacking man is not the most seductive.

If you have problems, it would be ideal if you seek help, but if not, a disconsolate behavior will move the girl away from you.

If you think that by adopting an attitude of “cursed poet” it is easier to conquer a woman, nothing is further from reality. Adopt rather a positive attitude, that does not burden.

Be proactive, positive and solve matters instead of creating more problems.

3. Asphyxiating her.

By this, we mean to be attached to her. It is obvious that when we are in love we want to be with our “object of desire” all the time.

Do not suffocate her. The problem is that if you are with her always, before achieving something concrete, you run the risk that she gets tired, fed up with you, and not getting her to feel what you feel, that need to be together.

Therefore, leave her alone for a while, make her miss you, feel nostalgic for your presence, wanting to be with you.

Let her be she who seeks you, that is what you must achieve.

4. Devoting her too much interest, too soon.

We are human, we like and we want what we can not have.

This golden principle works for women, a man is more attractive when he seems difficult or inaccessible.

That is why you should not show excessive interest very soon.

What you have to do is to become a challenge for her, so she will try to conquer you and she will feel more attracted to you.

To conquer a woman you must invest strategies, send mixed signals (let her know that you are interested but that you have other interests, that you are not 100% available and that you have your own life that does not depend on hers), and that will make her Decide to conquer you quickly.