Things You Should Never Give To A Woman

I understand you guys, women can be a bit difficult, especially when you need to give them a gift. Whether a birthday, an anniversary is coming or just because of anything; in this edition, we show you what you should not give a woman as a gift.



Things You Should Never Give To A Woman

1. Household items.

If you do a survey among women, you will know that gifts such as irons, blenders, pans and more are not on the list of the most desired by a woman.

2. Wrinkle creams.

No woman likes to be reminded that wrinkles are already noticeable and less receive creams that who knows if they will be suitable for their skin type.

3. Clothing.

Observe if you do not know the tastes of women. There are many things that can go wrong with this gift, such as size, color, model, taste, etc.

4. Something for the diet.

Gifts such as a free gym month, a girdle, some weight loss pills or a weight loss treatment are off the list.

5. Cheap jewelry.

Avoid seeing yourself as stingy when giving jewelry. Even if you don’t notice the difference, she will.

6. Items that obviously are not for her.

Women know well that this board game or video game console was a gift for you rather than for her.

This is worse because some men think women are dumb and they will not know the difference.

7. Imitation perfumes.

If you don’t have the money to buy the original, you better give up. Also in a matter of smell, not all women like all the aromas. Unless you know which one she likes, think of another option.

8. Artificial flowers.

It is very nice to receive flowers … when they are not made of rigid plastic. Artificial flowers will never match the beauty of natural flowers.

9. Money.

This is the classic gift of a man “that does not get complicated” but for some women, it seems more someone who is not dedicated enough to choose something significant.

10. Nothing.

Even if women say “don’t give me anything”, guys, no woman thinks about that. Better to arrive with a gift from the aforementioned than arriving empty-handed. ALWAYS give her something, however simple or handmade it may be.