Things You Should Learn If You Are A “Good Boy” Who Does Not Get A Girlfriend

If you are a good person, attentive, gentlemanly, tender (and many similar adjectives) you are what we popularly know as a “good boy.” The bad thing is that if it’s love, maybe more than once you’ve had bad luck and all your romantic intentions are in an “I love you … as a friend”.

The good news is that everything has a solution. That’s why here are some things that as a “good boy” you must learn if you want to leave the friend zone.

Things You Should Learn If You Are A “Good Boy” Who Does Not Get A Girlfriend

1. Stop complaining.

Do you complain and whimper because “good guys” are always the last on the list of women? Enough! In doing so you only expose your insecurities to the world and the despair you feel for getting a woman. Remember that girls are looking for a self-confident man, not someone who already made up the idea that women are not going to “pay attention to him.”

2. Saying “NO”.

Being good does not mean you are weak. Stop accepting situations that you dislike just to look good (like being the best, just the best friend) with the girls. Start saying “NO” to requests that bother you. A girl will never fall in love with a man who is only nice, she looks for someone who earns her respect as well.

3. Do not idealize.

The “good guys” usually assume that the women they like are like a kind of flawless angel. But they are not. You have to learn that everyone has flaws and that if you put a girl on a pedestal, you will be the only one who feels disappointed and hurt if you discover something bad about her.

4. Be brave.

“And if I add her to Facebook and she doesn’t accept me?”

You have to stop being afraid of the little things that are NOT relevant because if you continue like this you will only frustrate the chances of being with the girl you like (she won’t even be aware). If you panic about doing things to conquer her, how can you face the challenges of building a relationship?

5. See beyond the girl.

Unless the girl of your dreams is already your girlfriend, you don’t have to be 100% faithful to her ahead of time. I know, you are supposed to show her that she is the only one, but you can do it without falling into excess. Keep in mind that if you ignore other women for someone you barely know, you will be limiting your chances of meeting the right one.

6. Be a “bad boy”.

In the best of ways, I clarify. If it’s the “bad boys” that have all the girls, then it’s a good idea to learn a couple of things from them. For example: to flirt shamelessly with the woman of your dreams, propose her love affairs, even make yourself “the difficult one” from time to time. Making someone fall in love is an art.

As a “good boy,” even if you don’t believe it, you have every chance of finding love and being very happy. You just need to change some attitudes that are not working. Remember to learn from mistakes.