Things you should know before going out with a girl who worries too much

Anxiety is a problem that everyone has to deal with from time to time, but some people suffer from it more frequently.

It can affect them in different degrees, so much so that some could describe them as ‘worrisome’ because they are overwhelmed by things all the time.

Now, just because a girl cares all the time does not mean it’s not worth going out with her, right?

You just need to be aware of things like the following:

Things you should know before going out with a girl who worries too much

1. Telling her to stop worrying like that, simply, will not make her change.

Sometimes you think you’re being useful and you make a comment like this, but a person who is constantly worried cannot ‘stop’ just like that.

2. Sometimes she just needs you to be there and listen to her.

Even if you can not solve any of her problems, or if you have offered to support her again and again: that’s fine.

She just needs you to be there.

3. She knows that anxiety is often irrational.

Anxious people know better than anyone that their concerns are useless in the long term.

However, that does not mean it’s easier to stop, so you do not need to tell her that.

4. She might feel overwhelmed and cry Frequently.

This does not mean you did something wrong, so do not take it personally.

5. She is as frustrated as you, or probably more.

Patience is the key.

If you show her that you are desiring her, you will only make her feel more anxious.

6. Probably she has already worried about each aspect of her relationship.

People who worry too much are good at making storms inside their heads.

Most likely she has thought of all the possible turns that your lives can take and has cared for each one.

She needs your understanding.

7. She will appreciate your compassion more than she is able to say.

Being there for her will require empathy on your part, but compassion means trying to put yourself in the place of the other, with love.

She will return it ten times more, and she will love you deeply for it.