Things You Must Prepare To Conquer A Woman

Many times we think that conquering a beautiful woman is only for experts in seduction, but this is not true, you do not need to be the most popular to conquer the woman you want, everything is about security, that’s why here I bring you a couple of things that you should take into account before dating the girl you love.

Things You Must Prepare To Conquer A Woman

1. Take the initiative.

First, you should be the one to take the initiative, she could be the most independent woman in the world and even then she will like you to be the one to take control of the situation and invite her out, and beyond that, you already have everything coldly calculated, surprise her with something different and out of the ordinary.

2. Confidence.

If everything is about being safe, you should be confident, wear your favorite shirt and shoes, or that jacket with which you feel super comfortable, but at the same time super handsome, they will be the perfect fit for a first date.

3. Talk about your strengths.

If it is about conquering someone, you must show your best, you are not going to start talking about things that go wrong, it is absolutely forbidden to talk about the ex on a first date, this time is to talk about your strengths, bringing out all the aspects with which you feel safe and enjoy doing.

4. Be yourself.

It will be useless to conquer a girl pretending to be someone you are not, it all starts with sincerity, it is not necessary for you to say that you love romantic movies when the truth is that you like action, then you will be condemned throughout the relationship to watch movies you hate just for not being honest from the beginning.