Things Women Want Their Boyfriends To Understand

While you may think that you are a great friend and lover, you often hear your girlfriend complain that you don’t care as much as she would like you to. Perhaps this may seem complicated and hard to crack, but we have an approach to better manage the situation.

Here is a woman’s wish list and the things she wants her partner to understand.


Things Women Want Their Boyfriends To Understand

1. Notice the little things.

Everyone wants to be noticed by their partner. So pay attention to new things and let her know that you care. Whether it’s a new haircut or a new bra she’s wearing, say something.

2. The importance of honesty.

Maybe saying little lies seem nice to you, but sooner or later they will catch up with you. If you’re still talking to your ex, don’t hide it. Be open about the decisions you make, since hiding things makes you a coward.

3. Listen and pay attention.

If she’s telling you about her workday, listen to her and don’t start reliving the soccer game in the head. She will love you more when you give a genuine interest in the things she has to say.

4. Details count.

She doesn’t need big gestures and surprises to be happy. Just by going to pick up her favorite food after work or washing the dishes after dinner, you will work wonders. If she is tired after a long day, give her a back massage.

5. She appreciates chivalry.

Being old-fashioned from time to time is good. Chivalry does not mean paying on all dates or opening the door. Chivalry is being polite and educated with your girlfriend.

6. The effort.

Your girlfriend is worth it, so don’t make her feel the opposite. If you have an important anniversary nearby, do something special for her. Call her and ask how her day is going or take the initiative to make plans to have dinner with her.

7. Show your love.

There is nothing more important in a relationship than being expressive. When you tell her how you feel, she feels loved and special. Even if it’s a soft kiss on the forehead, don’t be closed with your feelings.

8. Knowing what you want.

If you really like her and promised something, don’t break those promises. Don’t be the guy who writes to many girls because he’s keeping his options open. Unless you are sure of what you feel, do not deceive her.

9. Menstruation is not fun.

Sometimes, she will be in a terrible mood and maybe blame the pre-menstrual syndrome. Oddly enough, headaches, cramps and mood swings are very difficult to treat. So be understanding and don’t think she just wants to get attention.