Things Women Think During Sex

Men, always wonder what women think while they are having sex, because it may seem somewhat complicated to know when they are really enjoying, if that orgasm is real or feigned or if they want to continue or prefer to stop, etc.


Actually, this could be solved on many occasions with more communication between the couple, it is important that both know what the other wants and how it feels to enjoy the encounter more and better.

Things Women Think During Sex

1. “This guy doesn’t run out?” “How long will it take to finish?”.

Everything has a limit and vaginal lubrication too, so delaying the climax too much can be somewhat uncomfortable and even annoying for her.

There is no specific time for the act, but in the same way, when sex that lasts 1 to 2 minutes is too short and causes dissatisfaction, the one that is prolonged in excess can also become an unpleasant experience and end the excitement and the passion of the moment.

2. “I don’t know why I bother to buy pretty lingerie”.

There are many men who do not take into account details such as when their girl has put on sexy and beautiful lingerie for the occasion. They want to get straight to the point and think that everything else is over.

However, women value this aspect very much when they are with a man in bed, and prefer to enjoy preliminary games, receiving compliments, feel desired and super attractive, letting intercourse be when it has to be. To let it flow and everything in time!

3. “I want an orgasm, but I don’t want this to end already”.

On the contrary to the first point, on many occasions, women contain themselves so as not to reach orgasm at the same time.

This is because they are enjoying it to the fullest and do not want that incredible feeling of pleasure to end.

Having this thought is very positive, as it is a sign that they ‘re having a good time in bed and if, in addition, happens at the first time, she will surely want to meet that guy again and continue having many more moments like this.

4. Ah, that hurt me.

Certain sudden movements, either during penetration or manual stimulation, can cause discomfort and some pain.

Although this is one of the things that women may think while having sex, they do not usually externalize it.

On the contrary, if the pain is more intense or lengthens she will complain. It is always important to be attentive to the expressions of our partner during the encounter and be gentle and delicate in the movements. With this, enjoyment and pleasure are guaranteed.

5. “I like that, Don’t stop, Where have you learned it?”

Women tend to analyze everything, and when they are in bed with a man this is not an exception.

When they like something, this thought will quickly invade her head, longing for you to keep doing what is giving her so much pleasure.

But this does not end here, it is very likely that she also thinks how he has learned to do that, has he seen it in a movie?

Be that as it may, she will be delighted and will want to continue enjoying as much as she has been until now.

6. It would be ideal to change positions right now.

Everyone has their preferences regarding sexual positions. It is very possible that during the act, they want to try several positions to vary the rhythm and make it more pleasant.

However, many times this is a thought that is just in her head because she does not know very well how to tell her partner.

7. “Will I be well shaved?”

Many women are concerned about the issue of body hair when they are having sex with a man.

This is why it is normal for a certain moment to think if they are well shaved or if he has noticed hairs while caressing her, etc.

The truth is that it is a common thought of girls while having intimate relationships, but in which men do not usually repair or pay much attention.