Things Women Love When A Man Is Conquering Them

If you want to reach a girl and make her fall in love from head to toe, these ideas can show you the path you must follow.

Well, they say that in love and war everything goes. And that’s why a girl gives you the keys to making another girl fall in love. When you want to conquer a woman, there are some things they love more than others.

Here is what you can do to melt her heart.

Things Women Love When A Man Is Conquering Them

1. Dedicate a song.

Women all love that the man in question sing them or dedicate a beautiful song to them. Eye, not in alcoholic state.

2. Call her to say good morning.

Waking up with a message or a call from the guy they like makes the stomach butterflies awaken.

3. Take her to dance.

Make a surprise date and take her to dance somewhere. Something that melts a woman is a man who is a good dancer.

4. Write her a letter.

Show her that you can be romantic by writing a letter by hand. Use your best calligraphy.

5. If it’s cold, give her your jacket.

Or better yet, hug her and tell her she’ll be safe with you. Among the things women love, it’s a gentleman.

6. Introduce her to your friends.

without worrying about it, do it with pride and love. Hold her hand and introduce her as “The one who stole my heart”.

7. Bring her flowers.

When you go to pick her up at work, at school or just at any time. Give her a rose.

8. Accompany her home ALWAYS.

Accompany her home, whether walking, by public transport, by car, in Uber. Make her feel protected.

9. Kiss her without expecting it.

You can resort to tricks like “I bet you 20 bucks that I can kiss you without touching you” and when she says yes, kiss her and say “It was worth it”.

10. Talk to her with the truth.

Nothing makes her fall in love more than the truth. Don’t be afraid to tell her what you thought the first time you saw her or the moment you fell in love with her.