Things Women Like That Men Should Know

Guys, you can. It’s easy, simple and for life.

That if women are difficult, that if there is no one who understands them … enough excuses guys!

Things Women Like That Men Should Know

Things Women Like That Men Should Know

Here are some clues to facilitate the “hard work” of understanding women and that you should not only know but also remember.

Things Women Like That Men Should Know

1. The first key is to remember.

Some important date, birthdays, anniversaries … That classic that does not go out of style and that still costs you enough.

It is not possible that with the reminders of Facebook many still continue to forget.

2. Associating absolutely everything that happens to the pre-menstrual syndrome.

If they are more affectionate, more susceptible … men always associate it with the same, and no.

They are normal people, guys, and it happens to you too, but women do not use pretexts.

So do not do it if you do not really want to upset the girl in question.

3. Communication.

Something as basic as this and that often goes unnoticed.

When problems are spoken they are solved and if not, they accumulate. And they accumulate and keep accumulating until they explode.

Save arguments and count things in time and, if possible, in person better than better.

The WhatsApp is fine to put hearts, but in these cases usually brings more dislikes than joys.

Better without misunderstandings.

4. The details.

Guys, the details are crazy and you know it.

Don’t you say women are cheesy?

Well take advantage of it and stop complaining.

Any simple things are enough. (But you will not hear complaints about good shoes or a brand bag).

5. Cooking.

A boy who defends himself in the kitchen is a boy who already has his points earned.

A good dinner or a breakfast in bed is the key.

(If you very crappy in the kitchen you can order a pizza, think that the plan pizza, movie, and blanket counts as a detail).

6. Do not drive too fast.

Do not be fools As much as it sounds like a macho thing to go fast driving, do not do it when you are going out with your girlfriend.

Less speed = more time with her.

7. Be protective, not possessive.

Girls love to feel protected, something like a teddy bear that embraces them at night.

But to feel belonging to someone they do not like at all. And neither do you.

8. Trust is the basis of every relationship.

Women do not like the lies of anyone and less of someone special.

9. Get your face out for her.

They like you to defend them but remember that they know how to do it alone.

They just want to know that they have support.

10. That you make them fall in love day by day.

Although it seems silly is essential.

It is not worth doing it just at the beginning, you have to do it every day and with the rest of the advice I have given you, you will be safe.

So you know, to put the batteries on!