Things to Avoid to Conquer a Woman

There are many kinds of men such as simple, romantic, rude, timid among others. It does not matter which of these types you feel identified with.

Because when it comes to conquering a woman almost always, however you are, you make some mistakes that really leave you very bad in front of her, causing her rejection quickly.

Even in some cases, they do not even allow you to be their friend. Has this happened to you?

Most likely, that’s the way it is, that’s why we’ve taken the time to answer your question. How do I conquer a woman?

Letting you know 3 really important things that you should avoid when conquering that woman who with just a smile is driving you crazy.

Things to Avoid to Conquer a Woman

1. Do not be rude.

Women always tend to look at men who are somewhat chivalrous and behave politely in front of them.

A very clear example of this is that you must take care of your vocabulary when you talk to her.

This mistake happens very often, let’s put ourselves in the situation where you are talking with her.

Do NOT do it in the same way you do with your friends in your neighborhood.

Remember that she is a lady and that above all you are trying to conquer her.

2. Do not comment on her physique.

While it is true that women are always struggling to get attention with their physique, that is why they get so trimmed and wear increasingly tight garments.

However, this does not mean that you say some strong phrases referring to some parts of her body or sexual comments.

The only thing you will achieve with this is to scare and bother her.

Try to be more subtle when it comes to knowing how to conquer a woman with beautiful words.

3. Do not hurry to say “I love you”.

It is believed that the first thing all women want to hear from a man is that “he loves her” and that “he wants to be by her side” for the rest of his life. But this is a big mistake.

A smart girl knows how to give herself time and space so do not try to hurry with this kind of thing.

You could make her think you are desperate and that you do not have your emotions stable.

So do not be silly and give space to situations that will gradually be given.

These are some of the many things you should avoid when it comes to knowing how to conquer a woman.

Remember all of this when you have that woman that you love in front of you.

Good Luck!