Things that women want in intimacy

No one has a crystal ball or the power to know what your partner wants in bed, so discovering it will be achieved with practice.

Things that women want in intimacy

Things that women want in intimacy

However, in the case of women, there are some things that everyone likes and that they want their boy to do in moments of intimacy.

Things that women want in intimacy

1.- Previous games.

Women love previous games.

This is because at that moment they can be carried away by their creativity and enjoy the moment to the fullest.

2.- Delicacy.

Although women are also strong, there are moments like in sex where they prefer things to be done with delicacy.

3.- No pressures.

Women do not want to be pressured.

They also want to enjoy the moment without problems.

4.- Want to be surprised.

Women like to be surprised when making love, so more kissing or touching certain points that you thought was forbidden will make you take out her hidden side.

5.- Techniques.

Everyone likes to try new things.

Remember that new techniques will help the flame stay alive in the relationship.