Things that women love about men

When women seek to have a serious relationship with a man and start a romantic life they will look for certain aspects in him to decide if they will finally start a life by their side or not.

Things that women love about men

Things that women love about men

It is not the same to meet a man to have a good time than to know him to decide if he will be your stable partner or if he will not be.

From unCOMO we want you to know 5 Things that women love about men, so you know better what aspects the drive them crazy.

Things that women love about men

1. Economic independence.

One of the things that women love about men is that they have economic independence.

It is not a good feeling for a relationship to have to pay for all the expenses of another person because they do not have financial solvency or intention to have it.
This does not mean that a man should have all the money in the world, but that he should be able to contribute to the home or pay his own expenses.

A woman does not like that a man depends economically on others, for example, a man who has a nice house because his parents have bought it for him will be showing that he is a comfortable person, conformist and without his own aspirations.

This a woman does not want for a serious relationship.

2. Good hygiene.

Another thing that women love about men is that they are hygienic.

It seems obvious but too often this is conspicuous by its absence.

Dressing well and looking good is essential, as well as being neat and smelling good (clean, for example).

You never know when a man can meet the woman of his dreams and it is very important that this maxim is fulfilled every day.

It is necessary that men clean themselves with good products and that they shower every day, in addition, there are perfumes that enchant women. It never hurts to have these perfumes in the bathroom cabinet to be perfumed every day. And you can not miss a personal style of male aesthetics!

3. Positivity.

A negative man will only attract negative energies and women hate that.

Being a positive person does not mean that you should be a happy person every day of your life, positivity is an attitude to life, to problems … It is looking for solutions when things go wrong, seeing the glass half full.

All people are attracted to others who have a positive attitude towards life, regardless of whether they are looking for a partner or not.

But it is clear that a positive energy will make a relationship more prone to go well than to go wrong.

A person who answers that their day is fantastic can be a marvel for a relationship.

4. Personality.

Women love men who have personality and who, if possible, is charming.

But not all men have a personality that attracts women.

A man should work to improve his body language and understand the nonverbal language of women so he will know what they mean when words are missing.

In addition, it is also important that you be assertive in your behavior. Women like men who are not fickle in their behavior. Having a good ego and believing in yourself and your decisions is a good start, but you should also be assertive when expressing your ideas or thoughts.

As difficult as it may seem, it is important for a woman that a man be able to put another person in his place or put himself in someone’s else shoes. Empathy and assertiveness in a man will always be good points in his favor.

5. A pack of good characteristics.

In addition, women also take into account other characteristics in men to be able to take them into account for future partners, for example:

  • Sociable
  • Knows how to listen
  • Trust
  • Respectful and respected by others
  • That has characteristics of an alpha male
  • Smart
  • Good mood
  • Passionate and a good lover
  • Ambitions in life