Things that women like most about a man

What do women like?

In many occasions, the initial approach that we should consider when we go out to find women a Saturday night are those little things in which pay attention to be attracted to a man.

In this entry we are going to present you some tips to adapt your behavior to what women usually look for, surely now you think … but I do not want to be someone else, and I want them to love me as I am.

I am sorry to say that if you are seeing this entry now, it is because you do not have much success, that being said, we do not pretend that you are another person only that you adapt a series of attitudes to what most pleases women without losing the essence, keep in mind that evolution is in constant movement.

Change is always a challenge and generates fears and insecurities but when we leave our comfort zone we realize that there are wonderful things that we miss because of the simple fact of not wanting to change habits for fear of the result.

For that reason, I invite you to see the 10 things that women like most about a man:

Things that women like most about a man

1. Security:

If you are not sure of yourself, women will think that you do not value yourself and will not value you.

2. Sincerity:

Lies have very short legs, be sincere because you would not someone to lie to you.

3. Equality:

Men and women are on equal terms, let her know.

4. Commitment:

If a woman likes you, do not think about it … commitment turns relationships into LOVE.

5. Considered:

You do not have to spend money to be considered, a breakfast in bed or a note in the bathroom is a great detail.

6. Romantic:

An unexpected dinner at home with some candles can be the perfect evening.

7. Rogue:

The panphiles are boring, spice up the relationship and have your “bad boy” moments.

8. Generous:

I’m not talking about supporting her, I’m talking about sharing.

9. Attentive:

Being on the right track of your partner’s needs is very nice.

10. Be yourself:

Do not try to imitate anyone, just be yourself.

I am sure that if you manage to conjugate all these characteristics, you can seduce and keep any woman by your side.