Things That Women Hate In A Relationship And Never Dare To Say

The words spoken by a woman are as important as the ones she keeps quiet and keeps to herself so as not to start an argument.

According to some statistics that study the behaviors between sexes, each month, women tend to speak 28% more and write text messages 14% more than men.

What will they say in those texts? Will there be compliments, claims, images of eternal love, selfies, nudes? What are their words about?

Promises of love, advice, criticism, analysis of love and social situations, tips to lose weight, readings done during the last months?

Whatever their written or oral messages contain, the words spoken by a woman are as important as those she keeps quiet and keeps to herself so as not to start an argument.

Relationships are made up of what a couple shares and the degree of solidarity they have with their messages. Also, what is left in the dark can cause problems in the future for not having spoken at the most appropriate times.

Important will be that women who hate certain details in their relationships speak in time to avoid misunderstandings that cause their relationship to be shipwrecked without remedy.

Things That Women Hate In A Relationship And Never Dare To Say

1. That her partner does not have the character to make a decision

For many girls, there is nothing worse than being with someone who is undecided or who is not able to come up with an intelligent solution to a problem.

Even worse is when her partner allows her to make important decisions in a relationship. We are not in favor that her partner is the one who must manage the reins in its entirety, but there must be equality and that the woman feels supported by him.

The more options her partner shows to solve a mess, the woman will feel more secure at his side.

Precisely when her partner does not offer character or ability to give a convincing answer, it is when women feel insecure at your side.

Women can move forward of their problems perfectly alone, but when their partner is with them to hug them, say words that comfort them and show courage to be at their side before a problem is something that girls value and provokes deep love feelings on them.

2. Not be heard

If a woman is talking about a problem or any other situation, it is because she wants to vent, or simply to involve her partner in a relevant topic.

Not listening to her is equivalent to minimize her affairs and making her feel as if her words have no value at all. Anybody would be upset, don’t you think?

3. Giving them advice when they have not asked for it

Sharing a problem does not mean that everyone has the right to say or give advice about it.

Many times, girls only want their partner to listen to them and feeling his company in difficult times. The most appropriate time to say something should be read in a timely manner so as not to say words that a woman does not require at that time.

5. Feeling obligated to go to a place just to please her partner

A woman who goes to a place just out of obligation and to please her partner will be a girl who spends most of the time unhappy and who experiences resentment.

Take into account that in a healthy relationship the spaces must be given so that both parties do activities in parallel and there is no feeling of suffocation.

Girls will feel better if they act with the freedom to say yes or no to an invitation.

6. Feeling that her partner is like a dad or mom who has to be held accountable

No woman enjoys feeling suffocated by her partner’s vigilance. She may have enough with her parents to feel that her partner also subjects her to rigorous scrutiny.

The ideal is that her partner is a confident, a companion of mischief, a person who accompanies her in those daring actions that make life so enjoyable.

When instead they run into a kind of guard that looks like a vigilant shadow, girls could come to feel extreme discomfort that ruins their relationship.

7. Realize that her partner’s friends are more important than her

A woman who feels valued by her partner as the most important, but not the only thing, will be someone who believes in the prosperity of the relationship. On the other hand, the moment she feels displaced by her partner’s friends, the feeling of discomfort and frustration will be huge.

A girl does not ask to be the center of attention or tries to separate her partner from his friends, she will only demand moments alone so that her relationship has the intimacy that she also needs.