Things that women hate about men over 30

If you have overcome the barrier of 30 and still can not succeed in love, then you will probably begin to feel that your good years are numbered.

This is not entirely true, because they love the maturity and stability that goes with overcoming the third decade, however, there are also aspects with which you must be careful as they can become a barrier to achieving your emotional goals.

Here are the five things that women hate about men over 30:

Things that women hate about men over 30

1. They are more independent.

Although it is not the case of all, at 30 years men have generally passed the stage of buying stuffed animals, sending letters and dedicating songs to the woman they love.

At this age, they prefer a more mature relationship with support and understanding than one in which they live together all day with their partner.

They need their time alone to solve work problems and carry out their responsibilities, something that young people and adolescents do not require to a large extent.

2. They have a greater past.

More years equals more love relationships, more experiences, and more ex-girlfriends.

A man of more than 30 years has a past where surely all kinds of circumstances and women went by and that brought them to where they were.

This is a problem especially if they encounter a much younger and less experienced girl.

3. They are more cautious and demanding to fall in love.

Having lived different situations, they already know what they like, what they do not and what they are willing to accept or reject.

For this reason, they no longer play games with unripe women or children, it is the moment when they start looking for a life partner and someone they can admire and respect before falling in love.

4. Their work does not allow them to be spontaneous.

The load of responsibilities becomes an impediment for any weekend to decide to leave the city or even so that on a Tuesday night they choose to go to a concert or a bar.

Spontaneity tends to get lost over the years, although it should never disappear completely because it is part of what makes life interesting.

5. They are less tolerant because they already know what they want.

Perhaps a young man of 18 or 20 years old can claim and demand more for no reason, but a man-made and right will never feel interested in an unstable or immature woman.

They do not go around the bush and flee from any manifestation of drama, they do not need that in their lives.